Thursday, February 24, 2011

28 weeks..and some othe stuff

28 weeks and some days. 3rd did time fly??? Finally Olivia decides to have growth spurt and make me look pregnant! Although, I am feeling very pregnant lately. I have had some major pain going on for the past week. I know it is Round Ligament...but seriously it hurts. I never had this stuff with Lily Anne and I am thankful. Olivia has been so active, rolling and kicking all day and night. I think she is going to give quite a run for my money.

I am really looking forward to meeting her more and more each day. I wonder how Lily Anne will adjust, how will Mich, the dog....wait or ME for that matter. Somedays I am freaking out about having two little ones, then others I am like this is going to be fun.

No survey this week...I have something better!!! 4d u/s photo!

We had such a great u/s yesterday. Olivia was active and awake. Plus she has finally made it to the vertex (head down) postion. Wohoo!!! We got some great photos and she looks a lot like her big sister. Oh and the big kicker...she sucks her thumb too! Wonderful...TWO thumb suckers.


Lily Anne turned 19 mos this past Tuesday! She is getting to be such a ham. Potty Training has been a great success and Lily Anne is making huge progress with each day. I could not be mroe proud of her and all that she is accomplishing in such a short time.
Also, she is doing wonderful at the new daycare. She is finally walking into her class and barely crying. So I would say success here too!
I think all the change has helped her with her personality that is blooming on a daily basis. She learning new words and repeating more and more. I am constantly working on this with her and trying to get her to use her words.


  1. You look great! I know the feeling of those round ligament pains and they are TERRIBLE!!!

    And kudos to Lily Anne for doing such a good job potty training. I know you are thrilled!

  2. Yep, looks like you finally "popped!" You still look fabulous though!

    Glad the daycare is working out good!!!!

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to tell you that I am your newest follower and to say hello! :)


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