Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cleaning house with Lily Anne

So I thought I would straighten up around the house with Mich since Lily Anne was sleeping. Well when I looked in the pack in play where we have her sleeping during the day. It is extremely nice because I still getting use to the stairs again.

This is what we saw ....her response to the vaccum cleaner....

To funny with her covering her ear.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photos of Lily Anne

Things are going wonderful here lately. We are definitely having huge adjustments. Lily Anne is doing wonderful. After having a few breastfeeding problems, we have put her on formula. Here are some photos from today.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lily Anne has arrived! and Birth Story

Lily Anne arrived at 7:09am 6lbs 4ozs on July 22nd, 2009

Birth Story:

We were schedule to have induction at 11pm on July 21st. Which we were able to set by her u/s readings and having no complications along the way. My ob was very sweet and offered the induction to us to help us plan for our jobs. (Since Mich is pharmacist of a independent store...we have to make sure there is coverage) and because I was dilating and seemed like the right thing for our family.

We arrive at the hospital. at 11pm and got checked in..I was extremely nervous but yet calm. The nurses were wonderful. They checked me a told me that I was about 2.5 cm dilated and started with the first table to jump start my contractions up a notch. I had been having contractions all weekend but they would not do anything! I suppose to get three doses of this medicine through out the night. However....Lily Anne had a plan all her own.

After the first tablet, within 30 minutes, I thought OMG pain! But Lily Anne heart rate was dropping with each contraction which is not good and they put me on oxygen and on my left side. Contractions got worse so I opted for pain medicine to help me relax and sleep. My fifteen minutes of pain free and sleep was short lived. The contractions got much worse adn Mich asked if I could have the epidural. YES! I was 4.5cm! I shocked the nurse, who then called my OB and start the pitocin and he would been to break my water.. Well, they never did start the pitocin...I got the epidural. TOTAL HEAVEN!!! The nurse said tell me when you feel lots of pressure, then she was off to do charts. Mich said while we wait lets sleep and hopefully they will start the pitocin soon. The nurse comes back, I had so much pressure in my bottom, I told her and sure enough....I was fully dilated. YES 100%!

We did about 5 practice pushes while we waited for my ob and then I told to not push anymore. In walks the doctor and after 2 really big pushes... Lily Anne was born!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last day of being pregnant!

I all mixed emotions! I am super excited but super nervous too!

I can not wait to meet Lily Anne. Today has bought a world of problems to face ASAP when we get home. I have worked so hard on getting small meals prepared and frozen....but the freezer decided to die on us and we LOST ALL THE FOOD! Horrible. So, off to sears and lowes to look for a new one. Then called my mom begging for help....she is the worlds best. So she will be here tonight. She is going to try to cook and save what she can and clean up the garage.

She will stay through the weekend to help me while Mich and my dad decide on a new freezer and take the old one to the dump.


okay vent over.


Sitting here waiting for the hospital to call and say you are good to come in is really hard. But I am trying to find lots of thing to entertain me. Will post photos to catch up the blog later!!!

Until then!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Okay Lily Anne... you must listen

First, I lost my mucus plug yesterday. I was not even thinking about that....I am more worried about my water breaking. I know crazy me. But I called Mich to let him know and he completely was OMG>>>> you are going into labor. I thought it was very cute and worried about that a little myself. But after all I know and have read, losing you mucus plug could mean absolutely nothing. Well, here I am told STILL pregnant. But I thought like other ladies I would write Lily Anne a little note of eviction!

Dear Lily Anne,

Hi! It is Mommy (one very tired mommy actually). Hope everything is going well in there. I know you're running out of room, I can tell by the way you push on me as though you're going to bust out of my back. I know you're probably tired of hearing me grunt and groan as I try to do basic things like sit up, roll over, and bend down. It is difficult to do those things with a watermelon in my belly and a hiney in my lungs. But I do love having you in there! I really do, even when you get the hiccups to let me know you want something to eat. Or just to shove your head or heand into my cervix and make me yell out in surprise. I would not trade any of those lovely feelings....

I know something that would make you even happier... Coming out to meet everyone! That's right, we have plenty to entertain you here in the outside world. Daddy, Zoe and I have worked very hard to get your room ready for you. Nane and Granpa are getting a little impatient and Mamaw and Pawpaw are just waiting for the phone call to get in the car. Aunt Maggie is ready to spoil you and Aunt Amy is just ready for the next thing. She just got engaged and wants to show you her new bling.

When I went to the doctor this week, the doctor told me that you are still a high...but I think you are moving down. Mommy's cervix is ready and just needs you to come down. Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Daddy is begging for you to come out. We only have a week until your due date and induction. It is ok if you want to wait until next Wednesday..... But I am growing a little tired and very grumpy. Please try not to take too much longer, the doctor is going to come knocking on your door to hand you an eviction notice very soon. So be sure you stay on top of it and come out soon! We love you and can not wait to meet you face to face!



PS> Daddy and Zoe says come out and play soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

38 weeks ... just one more to go!

We are going to pop!!!
38 weeks and the waiting game. I am so ready for Lily Anne to come out now. I have patiently my little girl needs to come out.
Sleeping is becoming a luxury! I am not sure why when you need the sleep the most you, you can not get any! The body works in strange ways.
We had our Dr appt yesterday. Everything looks really good. Blood Pressure was still down and I even lost a pound! We talked with the Dr and decided that if Lily Anne does not come this week or by next Tuesday, he will induce me. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.
Now we just wait and see. This is my last week at work as well. Which is proven to be a great task to sit and think! But at the same time, I am greatful because it would make it even longer if I had to sit at home and have nothing to do. At least it keeps me somewhat distracted.
But here is to my last full of being pregnant!! Hooray!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mich!!!

Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a very good birthday and get everything you wish for! As promised Lily Anne has stayed in until then. But after today....I am ready to send her into the world.

Knowing that it is July is an amazing thing! We both thought we would never get here to this point...but it has been just a glimpse. I hope your wishes and my dreams for you all come true! Happy Birthday!!!!

Now off to eat Banana Pudding!

Happy Birthday Mich!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

37 weeks. Hooray Lily Anne is Full Term I thought I would never see this week. Not due any stress or stuff. Just when we first found out, I used to look at girls who were near the end and think wow "You are so lucky".

OKAY REALITY CHECK.... You are lucky to be at the end. But generally you are not feeling the luckiness of it all. You are MISERABLE. With not getting much sleep, uncomfortable all the time, clothes that are shrinking with each wash, and oh yes more more thing...stressed because...the baby could come anytime. So with all that running through you wonder.

Looking back, I have had wonderful experience being pregnant and would do it over again. Now, I am ready to meet our daughter face to face. I love feeling her move inside but I ready for Mich to experience the little movements in his arms. It is just the question when will she come out and let us play and love on her! Until next week!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Braxton Hicks - I hate them!!!

So me and Mich have been joking with each other about Lily Anne coming this weekend and making her a Yankee Doodle baby. Reason....almost everyone in the family both sides are going out of town away from us! Not that they live anywhere near us now. But they are going even further away then they are. We really want our families there, but found it ironic when everyone told they were going away for the 4th! last night while we were going to Sam's Club to get the food and stuff for our 4th of July party at the house....I have the most painful to date contractions about 10 minutes apart for 3 hours! I tried the walking...but some of them stopped me dead in my tracks. Then I went to the bathroom...thinking maybe my bladder is aggravating the situation. (I hate public bathrooms). Then we went to dinner. Lily Anne thought the contractions were funny and when food came she though wow...let start moving now. LOL... really not funny.

So they finally stopped! After me panicking for a few minutes there. I woke up this morning with period like cramps. Okay, now this is not that funny anymore!
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