Wednesday, March 14, 2012

recipe of the week

Whats for dinner?     Oh how I hate this question and thought.    Although it comes every night faithfully.    We are in such a rut of fixing the same old stuff night after night, week after week.    So with that, we have decided to try a new recipe each week.    Just 1...but it has to be new.     So, I am putting all that pinning on Pinterest  to good use.

So we made Chicken Spaghetti.     (recipe - click here)   It was awesome and fairly easy.   I had all the ingredients in the house so no special trips to the store.   I made it on Sunday and put in the refrig to make monday night.    It does make a lot, so I split the meal into two casserole dishes.    Baked one and froze the other.

Lily Anne ate two helpings and said it was yummy. Olivia ate a few bites but mainly played with the noodles.   

So this recipe will definitely be a keeper in our books.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Life...lost track of this blog....

A friend has pointed out that I need to get back to the blog world. October, November, December, and January....well add February to this list as well..have just been so busy. My girls are growing up and free time at night is gone. We put the girls to bed and run to bed ourselves.

Lily Anne is recovering from surgery last week. 2nd set of tubes and adenoids removed. That is where part of October through December went...ear infections galore. She has moved to the 3 yr old room at school..I am so proud! ham! She is growing up on me so fast. She is on table food after just refusing baby food. Understandable since she has 8 teeth..yes 8! she is walking very well behind walking toy...SCARY! I am not ready for her to walk. I know what comes next.

They have changed so much! Now schedule time to write a blog post on a normal basis.

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