Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ugh...I am tired, frustrated, and ....

I am beyond my wits end...with life.

Where does one begin...okay...too much thinking. Lets start with Friday...Mich take Lily Anne to Doctor for follow-up to ear infections (notice plural...). We finally made it off meds and 14 days without a ear infection. Doctor said her ears look wonderful. HOORAY! (copay $25)

Saturday we enjoy to wonderful weather with a walk and backyard fun. Dinner with friends...however, our living room TV decides it totally does not want to work. I seriously it had a mind of it own. Mich and Greg look at it and it cut off for good. NADA. The TV is 3 years old! with just talked.

Sunday...5:15am! Lily Anne wakes. Unusual .. She is going completely I feed her a bottle...then she is back out again. Alrighty...until 10:30am. So...only to wake up to a stopped up nose. the day just goes down hill. She runs a lovely temp of 102, cranky, and just general yuck. So, off we go to the after hours at the peds office. Goody, our Doctor is on call. He does a good check on her....No flu, No ear infections, and a blood count which came back saying she had a viral. Meaning hello it is a cold. (Copay $25)

Monday...4;30am awake bottle, sleep...Mich has the day off so he stayed home with her. Well...her fever broke. But her schedule is way out of wack. God, love him...but calling me everytime you do something to her while I am at work. So, I see him calling me (we have caller ID)...thinking okay Mich, I totally do not do this to you while you are at work! only to hear this..."Lisa...I am at a loss, I do not know what to do. She woke up hot as ever took her temp 103.7, feed her a bottle thinking it would help and it was a fluke. But when I took her temp after her bottle it was 104." Mich go the doctor's office..I will meet you there.

Seriously! I am stressed out by now for sure... Doctor does the normal check..."Well, Lily Anne i do not know how you can do it...but you have a ear infection that was not there yesterday." I am just as shocked. WONDERFUL! So, Doctor says if we get another ear infection, we have to go to a ENT for tubes. Alrighty, now another $25 and cost of drugs....hopefully we are on a good road.

(there needs to be a rule on copays...if you visit the doctor TWICE in LESS than 24 should only be ONE copay!) $75 to the doctor office in one weekend...I should own a chair at least.

Monday night was horrible! She was hard to get down...but finally gave up at 8:40pm. Only to wake up SCREAMING at 12:30AM. After rocking her...with no success, Mich came in to try. Nope...we continued to SCREAM...until 4:35AM. Mich and I decided to give her a bath...yes at 4:30AM. She loves the bath more than anything. She was calm finally! I fixed a small bottle hoping it would work...Yup. There was peace...only to be followed by the alarm clock at 6:15am.

Mich had to work (I felt horrible for him)...I stayed home. Last night was alright...woke up at 3am feed, rock, rock, sleep...

I am so exhausted from life... My parents are coming this weekend to give us a date on Saturday. I told my mom on the way to work...can she watch her most of the day Saturday and evening...I would like to go to a party and shopping...then a date. She was all excited...I am so thankful!

oh and to add to the joys of life...AF decided to show a whole week early! Thank you AF you are truly wonderful!

Finally...she let me take a photo......


  1. Poor LA with all those ear infections. I know how frustrating, difficult, upsetting, and exhausting it must be for you. At least you have a great Saturday to look forward to. Hang in there. You're doing a great job

  2. Terrible about the ear infections...that's definitely something that I had a lot of as a kid, and I'm hoping that my son doesn't have them! :)

  3. I am so sorry. It's situations like these that make you want to curl into a ball and cry.
    I hope she feels better soon and have a great Saturday!

  4. I'm so sorry about her not feeling well & the tough time ya'll are having. I hope you have an awesome Saturday out to recharge!


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