Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favorite Things

Totally stole from Amy(Wade's World) this is always a good reminder to share your lastest favs! Lots of things I love and keep to myself others I am glad to here are my favorite things of today!
1. My OXO Tot bottle brush!! it is pretty awesome. I love the stand it came with and that it is sturdy and cleans the bottles. I hand wash and use the dishwasher on the bottles. Using the dishwasher is quick but we do not fill it up quite as fast as we use the bottles. Not wanting to buy more bottles....we end up handwashing alot. I have it in pink and love it!!

2. Summertime Swaddleme pods. Olivia would not get any sleep if we did not have these. After two weeks of her breaking my swaddle job I brough one to try. LORD HAVE MERCY is was a great night. It has been since we have used these. There are nights she still does not sleep the best but she is not screaming because she wacked herself! Now...I just need to figure out what I am going to do when it is time to unswaddle her.

3. Puddle jumper! My best friend for Lily Anne!! She puts this on and can go all over the pool with no worries at all!!!! She is my swimmer and loves the pool thanks to Lindsay for letting us come over all summer to enjoy. I really would not know what to do without you Lindsay!!! lots of hugs!

4. Pre-mixed drinks! I love them because they are quick and easy. (oh and mighty tasty!) After the kids are sleep Mich and I like to sit on the back porch and talk. This is our adult time and sometimes our only sanity moment of the day.

So, my few favorite things, while simple and a short list....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleep is wonderful

So all my complaining....We all slept last night!!!! Soon as we got both girls in bed, we went to bed too. 9:30pm....our house was dark and quiet!

Lily Anne is a great sleeper anyways! Olivia slept FINALLY! long bath with sister (lots of excitement from both), just a onesie, swaddleme, and one thin blanket. Brought out the sleep positoner with the incline...Olivia slept great! I think the small amount of reflux is waking her up and the breaking out the arms..which I fixed!

Magic called a full night sleep! I even feel better today then I have in the last two weeks.

I need to verbal blog! I can think of a million things to say in the shower...but when I sit to type I am drawing a blank... Does the mind just go to sleep, push pause, or stand still? I do not think so.

so I will share some funny stories on potty training...or at least to me.

1. Potty training...parent torture!!! Being stuck in the house for weekends trying to get to a toddler to understand body functions. Farting...the eyes of did that just occurr. Followed by her turning in circles to look at what come out. (Much like a dog chasing its tail.)

2. The words "I go potty"...can mean so many things!!!
alternate meanings.....I already went and you need to clean me or the floor.
I have to go now RUN!
I really just want to see your response....JUST KIDDING
I really have to go and I want the surprise first.

3. I now understand why I have always told her to sit and put her legs down in front of her. Lily Anne sat there and put her feet up on the seat .... only to then pee. ummm.. I saw a fountain start...que the quiet laughter from me and at the sametime Lily Anne feet down!!!! Lord have mercy!

4. Why liltte girl and boys should not share bathrooms... Lily Anne treid to pee in the toilet standing up last night!!!! Funny, but I had to really not laugh and tell her to sit down. Girls sit to pee!

5. Lily Anne gave me hig fives for peeing in the potty. Even told me I need to wipe with TP! thanks dear, mommy did not need that lesson. happens.

but the best of stories. A little embrassing but it is life... Lily Anne and a bandaid.
Mommy is having a moment on the potty and trying hard to hide the panty liner in her panties. One curious child told me. Mommy diaper! I said yup. She immediately pulled her big girl panties down to look. Her panties were empty...she was shocked. Her solution...take her bandaid off her knee and try to place in her panites.

Seriously!!!!! I died right there.....what do you do or say to that. Oh my days are numbered!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Blues

Oh it is back to work! I have been so out of it! Last week was sick Monday and Tuesday with strep...horrible. I am still feeling pretty yuck...but I am trying to finding the magic juice to make it better. MICH!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

So, on to the girls....oh my girls. I love them, OH I LOVE THEM! Lily Anne is my heart melter! She finally hit the OMG, I love the potty! Since last Monday she has been in big girl panties! She has not pooped in them only in the potty! I can not say how happy and proud I am of her. Finally, a light bulb!!! I have been not bragging for fear of the dreaded JINX!!!!

So, lets hope this continues for the next million years! This morning she melted my heart. I got the girls in the car ready for Mich to take to daycare. Lily Anne rolls her window down and says: "mama, come here." I race to the window thinking it is for another kiss. Well that did happen, but she pulled my face close and said " I love you, mama". Seriously, the tears in the eyes were huge!!!! I love my little girl!!!!

Olivia...dear lord. She has cheeks for days, rolling thighs....all things Lily Anne NEVER had! I am in love with each roll. Yup she is chucky, but I am a proud mama!!! She smiles at me for days. But last night at 2am for a paci replacement...the smiles were really not welcomed. This sick mama is dragging! She is not sleeping at night like she started out doing...we are up several times with paci replacement, retighten the swaddle...yeah I have the swaddleme pods...but we wrap another blanket for she likes it. But this is getting old. I have tried several times to leave a arm out, loosen the swaddle ....all things to try to unswaddle her...all FAILING! I am guessing it is what it is.....motto.

so, I guess photos would be great...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

wow...I forgot about the blog

Life has been so busy!!!!!

I enjoyed my maternity leave to the fullest. Olivia is doing wonderful. She is adjusting well to daycare. I am adjusting okay....not to the new price each week. Anyway, Lily Anne is growing and becoming one incredible big sister. She is constantly asking to feed or help with Olivia. The girls are starting to form a bond...I noticed that few mornings ago. Lily Anne was talking to Olivia and Olivia had her full attention on Lily Anne and was laughing and smiling. I could have cried right then.

Potty training....Lily Anne took a HUGE slide backwards after Olivia's arrival. Just this week she is making huge steps forward. Told me that pullups are for babies and demanded she wear panties. So, she has been wonderful in the mornings and evening with going to the potty. LOVE IT!!!! She is even using the potty several times a day at school again. So hopefully we are on the road to success in the potty room.

Olivia....she growing by leaps and bounds daily. She laughs and coos all the time except when hungry or tired. She is rolling machine. She can roll belly to back and back to belly. She found her hands pretty quick....but she found her feet last night. Hard to believe that she is almost 4 months...where is time going????

Going back to work has been harder on me this time than it was with Lily Anne. I am struggling to find my way back to working me. My mind wonders several times a day.... Maternity leave with Lily Anne was about struggling with becoming a mom, new worries, new everything...I wanted normal life again...working!!! But this time, maternity leave was so relaxing, enjoyment, loving my new expanded family. Yes, at first it was hard...but things went normal quickly. I found myself each day not wanting to go back to work. But I am not wired as a Stay at Home Mom gal. So all good things must end.

It has been 25 days....really...19 days....but I struggle each day to sit and remain focused at the task at hand. A million things run through the mind...maybe it is my job, maybe it is Le mind will catch on and focus eventually.
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