Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Blues

Oh it is back to work! I have been so out of it! Last week was sick Monday and Tuesday with strep...horrible. I am still feeling pretty yuck...but I am trying to finding the magic juice to make it better. MICH!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

So, on to the girls....oh my girls. I love them, OH I LOVE THEM! Lily Anne is my heart melter! She finally hit the OMG, I love the potty! Since last Monday she has been in big girl panties! She has not pooped in them only in the potty! I can not say how happy and proud I am of her. Finally, a light bulb!!! I have been not bragging for fear of the dreaded JINX!!!!

So, lets hope this continues for the next million years! This morning she melted my heart. I got the girls in the car ready for Mich to take to daycare. Lily Anne rolls her window down and says: "mama, come here." I race to the window thinking it is for another kiss. Well that did happen, but she pulled my face close and said " I love you, mama". Seriously, the tears in the eyes were huge!!!! I love my little girl!!!!

Olivia...dear lord. She has cheeks for days, rolling thighs....all things Lily Anne NEVER had! I am in love with each roll. Yup she is chucky, but I am a proud mama!!! She smiles at me for days. But last night at 2am for a paci replacement...the smiles were really not welcomed. This sick mama is dragging! She is not sleeping at night like she started out doing...we are up several times with paci replacement, retighten the swaddle...yeah I have the swaddleme pods...but we wrap another blanket for she likes it. But this is getting old. I have tried several times to leave a arm out, loosen the swaddle ....all things to try to unswaddle her...all FAILING! I am guessing it is what it is.....motto.

so, I guess photos would be great...


  1. have you tried a woombie?! we loved ours and our little guy could never get out!! or the miracle can make it so tight!

    I don't know how you do it going back to work when they are so young, I am from Canada and we get a year paid time's pretty amazing!

  2. Great news on Lily Anne! Do you think Olivia is getting hot? We had to quit swaddling Anderson because the heat was waking him up. Just a thought...

    I'm right there with you on work wearing me out. It's hard, especially when you are tired or not feeling good. I'll cross my fingers that tonight we both get a great night's sleep. Feel better soon!


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