Thursday, August 25, 2011

wow...I forgot about the blog

Life has been so busy!!!!!

I enjoyed my maternity leave to the fullest. Olivia is doing wonderful. She is adjusting well to daycare. I am adjusting okay....not to the new price each week. Anyway, Lily Anne is growing and becoming one incredible big sister. She is constantly asking to feed or help with Olivia. The girls are starting to form a bond...I noticed that few mornings ago. Lily Anne was talking to Olivia and Olivia had her full attention on Lily Anne and was laughing and smiling. I could have cried right then.

Potty training....Lily Anne took a HUGE slide backwards after Olivia's arrival. Just this week she is making huge steps forward. Told me that pullups are for babies and demanded she wear panties. So, she has been wonderful in the mornings and evening with going to the potty. LOVE IT!!!! She is even using the potty several times a day at school again. So hopefully we are on the road to success in the potty room.

Olivia....she growing by leaps and bounds daily. She laughs and coos all the time except when hungry or tired. She is rolling machine. She can roll belly to back and back to belly. She found her hands pretty quick....but she found her feet last night. Hard to believe that she is almost 4 months...where is time going????

Going back to work has been harder on me this time than it was with Lily Anne. I am struggling to find my way back to working me. My mind wonders several times a day.... Maternity leave with Lily Anne was about struggling with becoming a mom, new worries, new everything...I wanted normal life again...working!!! But this time, maternity leave was so relaxing, enjoyment, loving my new expanded family. Yes, at first it was hard...but things went normal quickly. I found myself each day not wanting to go back to work. But I am not wired as a Stay at Home Mom gal. So all good things must end.

It has been 25 days....really...19 days....but I struggle each day to sit and remain focused at the task at hand. A million things run through the mind...maybe it is my job, maybe it is Le mind will catch on and focus eventually.

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  1. Your maternity leaves sound exactly like mine. I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom, but I loved being home this time around. We'll both find our new normal soon!

    So glad you are blogging again!


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