Wednesday, May 27, 2009

31 weeks

31 weeks....what and where is time going!

I had a wonderful baby shower this weekend. Crystal and Angela did a spectacular job! We got so much stuff. (kinda unreal!) I have to start working on the thank you notes now.

We spent most of Monday putting up the items from the shower and stuff that we have bought and put aside. All finished the nursery looks really good. I was impressed with how everything has come together.

Had a dr. appt yesterday. Everything looks to be going on schedule and I am doing A+. Lily Anne heart rate was 156. She was starting to get active because Mich kept wanting to poke at her. Although, I am getting tired of stepping on that darn weight scale. GRR! I would have thought the weight gain would have slowed! But no we are still gaining 1 - 2lbs per week. It is crazy because I think I am eating less.

It looks like another busy weekend, Haley has her ballet recital this Sunday. Maybe I can sneak a few photos.

All in all we all doing wonderful and can not complain.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3d Growth U/S

This was way to much fun this morning! We got to see our little girl one last time. She is the cutest thing you would ever see. Those round cheeks and all.

She is weighing in at 3lb 9oz, so far. She is measuring about a week ahead of schedule.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30 weeks

<----all smiles! So here we are at 30 weeks! And I think we hit a growth spurt! Since we have been kinda working on the nursery and few other things around the house it has been busy. We did make it to Athens, GA this past weekend to see my family. Sam (my nephew) did a awesome job at soccer. While at my parents gave us our travel system/stroller. It is so awesome! I can not wait to use it. So for this week a survey!

How far along? 30 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: About 25-28 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I've been wearing them since my 2nd trimester, but now I have quit buying them completely. What I have is what I've got. (hopefully)
Stretch marks? No new ones from pregnancy. I had some prior to getting pregnant.
Sleep: I know at some point during the night, I close my eyes. But when I wake up, I'm just as tired, if not more. Getting through the work day is just that... serious work on days.
Best moment this week: Um...on Wednesday (tomorrow) we get to see Lily Anne in 3d! I can not wait. Also, getting the nursery together. And I have my shower this weekend!!!
Movement: All the time. Somedays on schedule, others I think she is stubburn.
Food cravings: Desserts! OJ! and nothing good for you.
Gender: Girl.
Labor Signs: um... none that I know of. Hopefully stays away for at least another 7 to 8 weeks.
Belly Button in or out? Still in! Shallow, but in!
What I miss: Being able to get up without feeling like a old lady. Sleeping on my stomach!
What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow morning! Saturday--- My shower!
Weekly Wisdom: SLOW DOWN! <--- I need to listen to this myself. Milestones: Now starting to go to doc every two weeks at the end of June I will go weekly. Wow, this is really starting to fly!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A wacky 29 weeks

29 weeks - I feel like I look huge! But in reality I am going to get bigger.

We have had a horrible and some good start for the week.

The Good: I had my 29 week check up. Everything is good and right on track. We start going every two weeks now. Which means we are getting closer. I have my 30 week u/s on Wednesday morning. Which to our delight it is going to be in 3d!!! paying! We were debating on paying for a session...but nevermind that.

Lily Anne has been so active lately and having a lot of hiccups...which feel really weird! But fun to listen with a stethoscope. We are still trying to find the heart beat...but no such luck.

Okay so for our very rotten news~
The Bad: Monday after our doc appt we did a few errands (since me and Mich were both off for the day). Went by the house to drop some stuff off and saw a mysterious van in our drive way...and two guys with a great story. Anyway. they told us they were chasing a guy who was trying to break in....HAHA!!!! Yeah...they were trying to break in but we drove up! THANK GOD!!!! Anyway, they broke a window and demolished a screen. So we will have to replace that....CRAZY! But the cops know who they guy is and are in the process of getting him.

So we have finally finished her wall letters and hung them on the wall!! They turned out SO CUTE!!! We also put the crib bedding together. Okay....this is a harder task than it should be. But the ribbons are not long enough! I am having my mom come and fix it. But here is the wall letters hung! PRETTY!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

28 Weeks

Well it is another week. I have finally got over the nasty cold. But the swelling has begun. My feet look horrible at night and you are definitely starting to see it in my face. Lily Anne was very active I am assuming she will be chilled out today. Maybe I can get some work accomplished. I have started to plan ahead....I think I am in the VERY early stages od nesting. But I am trying to get meals made and frozen so we can have quick healthly and easy meals. I found this new is a little different.....

Since I do not have much to update with this week...I thought I would updates the survey I have posted through out several times.
How far along: 28 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain: Up 20 something lbs. manily showing in my arms, now the face and BOOBS!
How much does baby weigh: I guessing a 2 1/2lbs
Maternity clothes: I am having a horrible time with this bow...but it is okay they are comfortable somedays! Do they make maternity shoes???
Stretch marks: None so far. (at least from being pregnant)
Sleep: What is a full nights sleep? Will I ever see this again? I am up usually once or twice, then it is never back to sleep 100%.
Best moment this week: Getting over the rotten cold I had last week.
Movement: LOTS ... All times now! Her favorite times are usually at 11pm and 2-4am. I am not sure I like the night schedule. Her days are all over..never consistent.
Food cravings: Whatever the moment calls for but lately it has been ICE CREAM ...I hate Dairy Queen for opening a new location close to my house!!! But OJ has been since the beginning. I drink so much of it.

Belly button in or out
: still a innie! I do not think it will ever "pop"
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, adult drinks, and laying out...
What I'm looking forward to: Everything! Everyday is a new day lately.
Milestone: umm....well I have made it to the home stretch. I need to finish the nursery.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A fancy chair for little girls

So while Mich was moving his pharmacy to its new location...I took off and went for a spa day.

It was extremely wonderful. I went to new place in town. They offer so much more than just the typical nail place. Plus they are about $20 cheaper than the ususal place I go too.

The "delux" pedicure includes a Stone Foot Massage...OMG that was the best theing for me. I could have sat there for 3 hours or more.

But I have beautiful nails and toes again!

Anyway, the reason for the blog...look at this chair!!!! How cute for little girls. It is much smaller and had a DVD player attached for entertainment. I can not wait to tak Lily Anne oneday...but right now I want to take my 6 year old neice....Haley. They have two of these chairs.

I showed Mich when he got home .... he is exact words..... "grreeat...what a day for mommy and Lily Anne."

Cinco de Mayo!

Friday, May 1, 2009

27 weeks ..sorry no picture

I have been so sick with a cold this week. I spent most of the week home on the couch. I managed to learn that 2 days of nothing but laying down...your ankles look normal as if you were never pregnant.

Finally back at work....which apparently went on with out me. HOORAY. But the office is busy for a Friday...but I am not 100% myself either.

Lily Anne is doing good I guess. She is continuing to move, which is completely comforting to know when I am sick and on meds from the doc. Summer heat is almost here in Georgia, which definitely making is really extra hot for me. I think to myself often..."what was I thinking, when I wanted a summer baby" Holy cow, I never knew what hot flashes were...well I do now.

So since I am not posting photo....Baby Update.

Beginning at this stage of fetal development, your baby's length will be measured from top of head to toe — which makes your baby nearly a full 15 inches now. And at just over two pounds, he or she has doubled in weight from four weeks ago.
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