Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A wacky 29 weeks

29 weeks - I feel like I look huge! But in reality I am going to get bigger.

We have had a horrible and some good start for the week.

The Good: I had my 29 week check up. Everything is good and right on track. We start going every two weeks now. Which means we are getting closer. I have my 30 week u/s on Wednesday morning. Which to our delight it is going to be in 3d!!! paying! We were debating on paying for a session...but nevermind that.

Lily Anne has been so active lately and having a lot of hiccups...which feel really weird! But fun to listen with a stethoscope. We are still trying to find the heart beat...but no such luck.

Okay so for our very rotten news~
The Bad: Monday after our doc appt we did a few errands (since me and Mich were both off for the day). Went by the house to drop some stuff off and saw a mysterious van in our drive way...and two guys with a great story. Anyway. they told us they were chasing a guy who was trying to break in....HAHA!!!! Yeah...they were trying to break in but we drove up! THANK GOD!!!! Anyway, they broke a window and demolished a screen. So we will have to replace that....CRAZY! But the cops know who they guy is and are in the process of getting him.

So we have finally finished her wall letters and hung them on the wall!! They turned out SO CUTE!!! We also put the crib bedding together. Okay....this is a harder task than it should be. But the ribbons are not long enough! I am having my mom come and fix it. But here is the wall letters hung! PRETTY!!!

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  1. You always look so cute! I love your nursury and i love the name:)


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