Friday, July 24, 2009

Lily Anne has arrived! and Birth Story

Lily Anne arrived at 7:09am 6lbs 4ozs on July 22nd, 2009

Birth Story:

We were schedule to have induction at 11pm on July 21st. Which we were able to set by her u/s readings and having no complications along the way. My ob was very sweet and offered the induction to us to help us plan for our jobs. (Since Mich is pharmacist of a independent store...we have to make sure there is coverage) and because I was dilating and seemed like the right thing for our family.

We arrive at the hospital. at 11pm and got checked in..I was extremely nervous but yet calm. The nurses were wonderful. They checked me a told me that I was about 2.5 cm dilated and started with the first table to jump start my contractions up a notch. I had been having contractions all weekend but they would not do anything! I suppose to get three doses of this medicine through out the night. However....Lily Anne had a plan all her own.

After the first tablet, within 30 minutes, I thought OMG pain! But Lily Anne heart rate was dropping with each contraction which is not good and they put me on oxygen and on my left side. Contractions got worse so I opted for pain medicine to help me relax and sleep. My fifteen minutes of pain free and sleep was short lived. The contractions got much worse adn Mich asked if I could have the epidural. YES! I was 4.5cm! I shocked the nurse, who then called my OB and start the pitocin and he would been to break my water.. Well, they never did start the pitocin...I got the epidural. TOTAL HEAVEN!!! The nurse said tell me when you feel lots of pressure, then she was off to do charts. Mich said while we wait lets sleep and hopefully they will start the pitocin soon. The nurse comes back, I had so much pressure in my bottom, I told her and sure enough....I was fully dilated. YES 100%!

We did about 5 practice pushes while we waited for my ob and then I told to not push anymore. In walks the doctor and after 2 really big pushes... Lily Anne was born!

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  1. Congrats you two! Lily is beautiful and I'm glad it was everything went ok!


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