Thursday, July 2, 2009


Braxton Hicks - I hate them!!!

So me and Mich have been joking with each other about Lily Anne coming this weekend and making her a Yankee Doodle baby. Reason....almost everyone in the family both sides are going out of town away from us! Not that they live anywhere near us now. But they are going even further away then they are. We really want our families there, but found it ironic when everyone told they were going away for the 4th! last night while we were going to Sam's Club to get the food and stuff for our 4th of July party at the house....I have the most painful to date contractions about 10 minutes apart for 3 hours! I tried the walking...but some of them stopped me dead in my tracks. Then I went to the bathroom...thinking maybe my bladder is aggravating the situation. (I hate public bathrooms). Then we went to dinner. Lily Anne thought the contractions were funny and when food came she though wow...let start moving now. LOL... really not funny.

So they finally stopped! After me panicking for a few minutes there. I woke up this morning with period like cramps. Okay, now this is not that funny anymore!

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