Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you ever wonder?

As I sit her on my lunch break at work....I really wonder

- what my child thinks about?
- what does she really see?
- does she really understand how much we love her?
- can she really hear what I am saying?
- will I disappoint her oneday?
- Am I really a mom?

the list goes on... I look into her big blue eyes and melt. It really hard to look at her and not wonder about the future and all it holds. She lights up our household when endless love, laughter, squeals, and screams. I am still completely amazed and stunned that Mich and I created brain is still saying her parents are coming one day.

This morning was chaos. Lily Anne woke up early 5am! After a quick change, I brought her down stair to join Mich and I in the last hour of sleep. She was trying with all her might to get up with laughter and pokes. Finally, she gave in .... HEAVEN again. Only to over sleep! 6:45am, CRAP!!!. So, in the mad rush to get showered, ready, baby feed, dressed, pack the bags, and wisk out the door. I realized that I forgot my breakfast on the counter. avoid listening to my belly, I reverted to singing (yes with my horrible singing abilities), Lily Anne lets me know that she is back there and I sounded horrible...that started talking to me (blabbing...and squeals and dada.), looks in the mirror in front of her, looks out the window, and plays with her feet. Thanks dear! ( guess that answered the does she hear question.)
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