Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Olivia's Arrival

Olivia Claire made her own arrival on Mother's Day. May 8th at 4:22am.. weighing 5lbs 15ozs, 19in long. She is a little peanut...but brings so much joy to our household.

So, Saturday we chilled out with Lily Anne. Went for a walk in the cool morning, Mich and I talked about the changes that were coming on Wednesday. We played in the back yard and soaked up some sun and Lily Anne enjoyed the kiddie pool.
After dinner and putting Lily Anne down for bed. Mich told me I could relaxed and sleep in on Sunday. He and Lily Anne will be making breakfast and I was so happy! So I took a nice bath and got ready for bed. After the bath, I started having braxton hicks, SO I THOUGHT! But after 45 minutes of them not stopping. I grabbed a bottle of water and some Coco Pebbles...yeah I know. But I thought maybe I need food and water. Nope...nothing was helping. I grabbed my cell and starting timing them. The contractions were all over the place. So I told Mich that I was in some pain. After about a few more, it became unbearable and brought on some tears. I called the Dr. and my parents. Then called my best friend Crystal to sit with Lily Anne (who was sound a sleep) at the house until my parents arrived.

Once at the hospital, the nursed checked me and said "oh, you are about 5cm, you are staying and do you want a epi?" yes! please. So, L&D Room 4... the anth..came in to do the epi, saying "wow she is so calm and queit for someone who is 7/7.5cm" I thought WTH...then I figured the nurse lied to get the epi quicker. Which I did not complain. Well, bust my bubble. The nurse told me once the epi was in that I truly was 7/7.5cm and she did not want me to freak out.

So after 3 hours....Olivia Claire came out as beautiful as can be. We were so proud!!!!

Lily Anne meeting Olivia Claire for the first time.....she loved her.
Mich's dad with Lily Anne and Olivia
Small moments are the ones we charish the most!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

38 weeks and School Photos

How Far Along: 38.5 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 24lbs.... no change

Is your nursery done? as much as it is going to be at the moment.

Are you getting nervous? yes...but more about bringing her home and Lily Anne's reaction. I am excited that she is coming really soon!

Have you dropped yet? yes, OH YES!!!

Any other signs that baby is on their way? I have contractions (to which I refer as Braxton Hicks) that are all over the place. However, I am dilated to 3 or 3.5 cm.

How do you feel in general? I feel pretty good. I am not sleeping very much at night but I wake up in a good mood...GO FIGURE.

What are you getting the most excited about? to actually have her in my arms.

Any big fears or concerns? how will Lily Anne adjust once we are all home. Having a newborn again scares me a little.

What is in your hospital bag? cord blood kit, her coming home outfit, pjs for me and pjs for Mich.... need to work on the rest.

Are you exercising? Yup, about 2 miles of walking at night. I have since the start...except on bad weather days.

How many more days until D-Day? um.... ?? but Eviction day is May 11th at 5:30am

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied if you’re on leave already? I am still working! keeps my mind distracted.


School photos.... the joys of them. This year they had Teddy Bear Portraits do them. I am not impressed at all. First they are very EXPENSIVE!!!! Second, you get to view them at the center and you must purchase on the spot. Um, no thanks! For $ can keep the packet you put together!

But I was horrible...I took photos with my cell...

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