Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We - Woddler...

Lily Anne is moving into her new classroom this week. She is adjusting quite well to the new surroundings, schedule, and friends.

I really stressed out about the classroom transition from crawlers to pre-walkers. Lily Anne had it rough for about a week. Screaming when I dropped her off, Mommy not understanding or liking the new schedule, wondering why must she move rooms, and transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. What were they thinking!!! (also, probably did not help that we just came back from vacation) I loved the crawlers room and teachers. Since then, I have grown to love her teachers in the pre-walking classroom and Lily Anne has too. I know it is time for her to step up to the next room, but I hate saying good bye!

so what is a wee-wobblers? you must be 1yr, walking, on table food, and Sippy cups
In this classroom....she will be
Eating at a table
Learning folks and spoons
Sleeping on a nap mat (no more cribs)
Learning sign language, dance, music and art.

Yesterday, I brought home artwork of blue bubbles! Finger painting! I really have to give it to her teachers and the daycare. The center works so hard to keep the kids going and keeps them one step ahead on the milestones. The teachers are constantly working with each child and their needs.

Sleeping on a nap mat....I am still pondering this.. How do you get 11 kids on their mats, asleep and stay there? I haven’t a clue. But when I pop over for "surprise visit” during my lunch, sure enough the whole center (minus the infant room and crawlers) sleeping peacefully with no tears or sounds. Just the sweet soft sounds of lullabies playing over the speakers.


  1. She is growing up! I am glad you have found such good childcare for your daughter!


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