Wednesday, August 25, 2010

catch up

darn....I so failed this past couple of days on the blog challenge.

We had a great weekend relaxing and running errands. Monday Lily Anne enjoyed the new classroom and a new food of cheeseburger bites. Her teachers said she did wonderful and wanted seconds. Alrighty then! Tuesday....humm...HORRIBLE. She work up with the nasty crusty eyes! PINK EYE and COLD. Wonderful...she was pretty good with me yesterday. Although, I was not 100%...being that I have cold too.

so a sick baby + sick mommy at home = 50% a good day. Lily Anne was a trooper. However, last night got the best of her..45 minutes of sleep. WHOA!!

so a sick mommy, baby and a very tired daddy = complete failure!

I ended up calling my mom at 2:30am asking for a little support and help. Well, I got the wonderful voice of soothing mom....but she refused to come help me. (I did not ask her to right then, but in the morning to help during the day) Seriously hurt my feelings! I am RARELY call her for help...but she can run and help my sister and the twins at the drop of the dime...but I get nothing!!!!! But, "I sorry but you moved away". OH MY FREAKING DEAR~ I am 1:35 minutes away.

Oh well....oops Lily Anne is up...

1 comment:

  1. Booooo for all of that. Hope you 2 are doing better.

    CAn't believe your mom didn't help you. I have called my Mom a couple of times b/c I needed help and she came the next day. It took that long b/c she need to take a plane to get here. Now that I think about it, my mom rocks! I think I should tell her.

    If you move closer to FLorida I can help you out with that sweet little red head of yours! ;)


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