Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ugh...I am tired, frustrated, and ....

I am beyond my wits end...with life.

Where does one begin...okay...too much thinking. Lets start with Friday...Mich take Lily Anne to Doctor for follow-up to ear infections (notice plural...). We finally made it off meds and 14 days without a ear infection. Doctor said her ears look wonderful. HOORAY! (copay $25)

Saturday we enjoy to wonderful weather with a walk and backyard fun. Dinner with friends...however, our living room TV decides it totally does not want to work. I seriously it had a mind of it own. Mich and Greg look at it and it cut off for good. NADA. The TV is 3 years old! with just talked.

Sunday...5:15am! Lily Anne wakes. Unusual .. She is going completely I feed her a bottle...then she is back out again. Alrighty...until 10:30am. So...only to wake up to a stopped up nose. the day just goes down hill. She runs a lovely temp of 102, cranky, and just general yuck. So, off we go to the after hours at the peds office. Goody, our Doctor is on call. He does a good check on her....No flu, No ear infections, and a blood count which came back saying she had a viral. Meaning hello it is a cold. (Copay $25)

Monday...4;30am awake bottle, sleep...Mich has the day off so he stayed home with her. Well...her fever broke. But her schedule is way out of wack. God, love him...but calling me everytime you do something to her while I am at work. So, I see him calling me (we have caller ID)...thinking okay Mich, I totally do not do this to you while you are at work! only to hear this..."Lisa...I am at a loss, I do not know what to do. She woke up hot as ever took her temp 103.7, feed her a bottle thinking it would help and it was a fluke. But when I took her temp after her bottle it was 104." Mich go the doctor's office..I will meet you there.

Seriously! I am stressed out by now for sure... Doctor does the normal check..."Well, Lily Anne i do not know how you can do it...but you have a ear infection that was not there yesterday." I am just as shocked. WONDERFUL! So, Doctor says if we get another ear infection, we have to go to a ENT for tubes. Alrighty, now another $25 and cost of drugs....hopefully we are on a good road.

(there needs to be a rule on copays...if you visit the doctor TWICE in LESS than 24 should only be ONE copay!) $75 to the doctor office in one weekend...I should own a chair at least.

Monday night was horrible! She was hard to get down...but finally gave up at 8:40pm. Only to wake up SCREAMING at 12:30AM. After rocking her...with no success, Mich came in to try. Nope...we continued to SCREAM...until 4:35AM. Mich and I decided to give her a bath...yes at 4:30AM. She loves the bath more than anything. She was calm finally! I fixed a small bottle hoping it would work...Yup. There was peace...only to be followed by the alarm clock at 6:15am.

Mich had to work (I felt horrible for him)...I stayed home. Last night was alright...woke up at 3am feed, rock, rock, sleep...

I am so exhausted from life... My parents are coming this weekend to give us a date on Saturday. I told my mom on the way to work...can she watch her most of the day Saturday and evening...I would like to go to a party and shopping...then a date. She was all excited...I am so thankful!

oh and to add to the joys of life...AF decided to show a whole week early! Thank you AF you are truly wonderful!

Finally...she let me take a photo......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The daily guess work of a baby:

Food, Bottle, clothing, toys, naps, what to decide....

Food: Lily Anne is NOT a huge I struggle everyday on what to feed her. We are finally up to 3 meals a day. One night she loves a meal and I think wow we have made a break through only to findout at the next mealtime she hates everything. is so fustrating.

Bottle: How many per day or how many ounces? This is a joke in our house lately (about as much as food)... She ate for weeks 4 botttles at 8ozs. Well, now she is changing yet again on me. Saturday - 3 bottles (during the day) at 5 ozs, then bed time the full 8oz. Sunday - 2 bottles maybe 6 ozs? the bed time the full 8 oz again. Thus wasting some expensive formula...which is not my worry here. I noticed on her daily sheet at daycare...generally gets 2 bottles...but yesterday it was 1 1/2 bottles. um..okay now I am guessing here in this category too?

Clothing: Okay...this is a big decision...she has so many clothes (the flipside of a having a girl) to choose from each day. It is like picking something for me to wear. She is super cute in everything. Why must clothing makers have way more cute girly stuff? Then to top the decision process it is hairbows and shoes. Although I am still managing to get her dressed everyday.

Toys: This is a new category. She loves everything about it. I have found lots to get her involved but her ultimate toy is our dog Zoe. She loves her...she crawls after her laughing. Zoe on the other HATES Lily Anne chasing her. But I have 1 wicker cube of toys, a bucket of rings, and basket of rattles and pop-links. All three will be emptied out by the end of playtime. As long as she grab it, put it in her mouth, lights up, or makes funny noises it is a winner.

Naps: She is a good napper most days at home unless we are not feeling well. At daycare, she is so nosey in what is going on that naps at all over the place. I am not complaining. But I never know until the moment comes...

Time flies in our household. I am completely amazed how we have made it with Lily Anne the past 7 months. She is getting so big and such lively one. Last night was a great example...We got home unloaded the car. I put her in the middle of the living room with lots of toys, take off my jacket and sit down to play with her. Only to watch her crawl off away from me. What??? Do I stink? Am I no fun? How and when did she become independent?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you ever feel... taking a break from life?

***load the dishwasher..unload when finished...only to be reloaded again***

It seems like lately I can sum my life in one short sentence. It is like I hit repeat button everyday. Although, I am completely 100% happy...but what happened to the get up and go?

The planning involved in going out at night with Lily Anne is a whole different world. At first it was adventure...and I always would say it will get easier when she just a little older. LOL at myself....boy was I stupid. It really does not get easier...just a little more complex. onward we go...

We remodeled Lily Anne’s crib last weekend…by lowering the mattress. I kept the bumpers in the crib. I saw no reason to remove just yet. She still jams her head in the corner….WELL!!! It was completely short lived. Saturday the bumper were removed…I walked upstairs to find my little girl (she not a tiny baby anymore) standing waiting for me. WHAT!

My dear…I knew you would do this but not this early. Oh well. Here is to my new little girl! Cling!

Sunday we enjoyed the outside…made a play mat and brought toys outside. She enjoyed at first this she got bored. But here are some photos:

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