Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you ever feel... taking a break from life?

***load the dishwasher..unload when finished...only to be reloaded again***

It seems like lately I can sum my life in one short sentence. It is like I hit repeat button everyday. Although, I am completely 100% happy...but what happened to the get up and go?

The planning involved in going out at night with Lily Anne is a whole different world. At first it was adventure...and I always would say it will get easier when she just a little older. LOL at myself....boy was I stupid. It really does not get easier...just a little more complex. onward we go...

We remodeled Lily Anne’s crib last weekend…by lowering the mattress. I kept the bumpers in the crib. I saw no reason to remove just yet. She still jams her head in the corner….WELL!!! It was completely short lived. Saturday the bumper were removed…I walked upstairs to find my little girl (she not a tiny baby anymore) standing waiting for me. WHAT!

My dear…I knew you would do this but not this early. Oh well. Here is to my new little girl! Cling!

Sunday we enjoyed the outside…made a play mat and brought toys outside. She enjoyed at first this she got bored. But here are some photos:

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  1. It's crazy how each stage of development brings with it it's own challenges.


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