Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lily Anne's Hospital Visit

Yes you read right Miss Lily Anne gave her parents quite the scare last week! She got over the cold she and things were going wonderful. Well Saturday she woke up with a green crudy nose adn a little temp. I immediately thought great another dang cold. But her temp got worse as the day went out come the tylenol. It helped a little but she was becoming really fussy! Well that evening all HELL broke loose. Her temp really spiked so i called the after hours nurse she told us a temp bath. Lily Anne was livid with the bath but her temp dropped enough for us not have to go to the ER. Well after fighting the fussy baby she finally went to sleep at 6am!!! Then woke up screaming at 7:45am! We took her temp because she was sweating! 104!! NO I took 4 more times just to make sure.
So off we flew to the peds office on Sunday am (yes our ped office has Sat and Sun hours). They took some blood...which came back horrible and we were sent and admitted to the Children's Hospital. Mine and Mich's heart were completely broken!
We were exhausted. After 4 days and LOTS of drugs, Lily Anne is doing wonderful and well.
She is a completely different baby. She smile uncontrollably, rolling, cooing (OMG!!!) and found her hands and feet. She is the highlight of my day. I can not get enough of her.
Thanks everyone for all the thoughts and prayers

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lily Anne is rolling!

In my quest for my family to get better...which I think we are. (I am seriously crossing my fingers.) Lily Anne is finally eating her normal amounts again! She is not sleeping through the night as she was before...but that will come around again. She has learned how to roll from belly to back. She has done it a few times while in the crib...but I never saw her do. Well last night on the play mat. She was looking in the mirror while on her belly...and bam she rolled. I thought oh my goodness! So I rolled her back on her belly and she did again. After several times, I got the video camera out and caught it on tape. I am so proud of her!! Her other wonderful talent is standing up (of course we do have to hold her...but she bounces) All of this makes me think she is growing up way to fast.

She is getting to be such a big girl. I am so looking forward to being able to feed her. I loved feeding my niece and nephew.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Seriously to give me a break

Okay so after my horrible week last week. I woke up early Sunday morning with the worst pain in my back. I thought OMG! I was soaked in sweat and my back feeling like a knife just got stuck in me.

I changed my clothes woke Mich up and said I was in pain. Immediately he gets alarmed. Then all of sudden I have the worst pain and ran to the bathroom..puking! NICE, I know. Could anything else happen!?! Now we are not sure do I go to the ER or just try to see if the pain goes away. I took a pain pill from my delivery...

Then pain went morning. Now, I am stuck with a burning sensation everytime I have to pee. Great, so I have kideny stone (again) or a really bad UTI. I had kidney stones really bad in college, this is the exact thing that happened then.

Moving on. Lily Anne is making so progress. She is finally eating more and more. However, her never ending cough is not. We found that she like the pre-made formula a little better than my powder mix...although they are the exact same. We gave her this while at the peds office and she managed to keep it down. I am guessing that the premade is a little sweeter. So, while she is sick we have been feeding her this....but it is expensive. Now, we are mixing 1/2 premade and 1/2 powdered to get her back on the regualr stuff. If not we are just stuck with the premade.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My sick child.

We are completely exhausted after our week with Lily Anne being sick. I feel like we went back 30 steps!!!

Well, as we were so happy that she was completely sleeping through the night the week prior...this week has been a complete mess!! We have taken Lily Anne to the pedi. office 3 times...trying to figure what to do.

Although she seems to be getting better, she is not eating hardly anything. Which is doing nothing but making me worry. We pulled out the bumbo this weekend, since is getting control of her head. She looks so grown up. She loving her tummy time. Although, she is really working on rolling from tummy to back. She has only rolled once so far. I was so excited.

Thanks to the group hat exchange, Lily Anne is sporting her two new hats! They are SO cute. I can not wait til the weather changes and can really wear them. I was so excited when I saw the package in the mailbox today. It definitely brighten my day, since I have been really in the dumps this week.

We are really praying for a good weekend, so we can get back our normal selfs and have our happy baby back.
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