Saturday, October 10, 2009

My sick child.

We are completely exhausted after our week with Lily Anne being sick. I feel like we went back 30 steps!!!

Well, as we were so happy that she was completely sleeping through the night the week prior...this week has been a complete mess!! We have taken Lily Anne to the pedi. office 3 times...trying to figure what to do.

Although she seems to be getting better, she is not eating hardly anything. Which is doing nothing but making me worry. We pulled out the bumbo this weekend, since is getting control of her head. She looks so grown up. She loving her tummy time. Although, she is really working on rolling from tummy to back. She has only rolled once so far. I was so excited.

Thanks to the group hat exchange, Lily Anne is sporting her two new hats! They are SO cute. I can not wait til the weather changes and can really wear them. I was so excited when I saw the package in the mailbox today. It definitely brighten my day, since I have been really in the dumps this week.

We are really praying for a good weekend, so we can get back our normal selfs and have our happy baby back.


  1. Don't you feel like the second you figure out there schedule you hit some sort of snag? Sick/teething/gassy/ and so on and so on? Isabella took a while to get over her cold and the end was almost harder then the beginning because once it broke up she couldn't get it out. It's hard for a 3 month old to cough up a lougie.

    I hope she feels better soon!

  2. YES!!!! This is it, 100% darn it by the time we think we can do this..yet another curve ball comes.

    Yes, it is very hard for her to cough up anything. Drives me crazy to see her struggle. Not mention how fustrated me and Mich are with not a lot of sleep.

  3. Where did you get those hats?! They are adorable... and so is Lilly Anne :)


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