Monday, October 12, 2009

Seriously to give me a break

Okay so after my horrible week last week. I woke up early Sunday morning with the worst pain in my back. I thought OMG! I was soaked in sweat and my back feeling like a knife just got stuck in me.

I changed my clothes woke Mich up and said I was in pain. Immediately he gets alarmed. Then all of sudden I have the worst pain and ran to the bathroom..puking! NICE, I know. Could anything else happen!?! Now we are not sure do I go to the ER or just try to see if the pain goes away. I took a pain pill from my delivery...

Then pain went morning. Now, I am stuck with a burning sensation everytime I have to pee. Great, so I have kideny stone (again) or a really bad UTI. I had kidney stones really bad in college, this is the exact thing that happened then.

Moving on. Lily Anne is making so progress. She is finally eating more and more. However, her never ending cough is not. We found that she like the pre-made formula a little better than my powder mix...although they are the exact same. We gave her this while at the peds office and she managed to keep it down. I am guessing that the premade is a little sweeter. So, while she is sick we have been feeding her this....but it is expensive. Now, we are mixing 1/2 premade and 1/2 powdered to get her back on the regualr stuff. If not we are just stuck with the premade.

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  1. I hope you and Lily Anne get to feeling better soon!


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