Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Okay Lily Anne... you must listen

First, I lost my mucus plug yesterday. I was not even thinking about that....I am more worried about my water breaking. I know crazy me. But I called Mich to let him know and he completely was OMG>>>> you are going into labor. I thought it was very cute and worried about that a little myself. But after all I know and have read, losing you mucus plug could mean absolutely nothing. Well, here I am told STILL pregnant. But I thought like other ladies I would write Lily Anne a little note of eviction!

Dear Lily Anne,

Hi! It is Mommy (one very tired mommy actually). Hope everything is going well in there. I know you're running out of room, I can tell by the way you push on me as though you're going to bust out of my back. I know you're probably tired of hearing me grunt and groan as I try to do basic things like sit up, roll over, and bend down. It is difficult to do those things with a watermelon in my belly and a hiney in my lungs. But I do love having you in there! I really do, even when you get the hiccups to let me know you want something to eat. Or just to shove your head or heand into my cervix and make me yell out in surprise. I would not trade any of those lovely feelings....

I know something that would make you even happier... Coming out to meet everyone! That's right, we have plenty to entertain you here in the outside world. Daddy, Zoe and I have worked very hard to get your room ready for you. Nane and Granpa are getting a little impatient and Mamaw and Pawpaw are just waiting for the phone call to get in the car. Aunt Maggie is ready to spoil you and Aunt Amy is just ready for the next thing. She just got engaged and wants to show you her new bling.

When I went to the doctor this week, the doctor told me that you are still a high...but I think you are moving down. Mommy's cervix is ready and just needs you to come down. Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Daddy is begging for you to come out. We only have a week until your due date and induction. It is ok if you want to wait until next Wednesday..... But I am growing a little tired and very grumpy. Please try not to take too much longer, the doctor is going to come knocking on your door to hand you an eviction notice very soon. So be sure you stay on top of it and come out soon! We love you and can not wait to meet you face to face!



PS> Daddy and Zoe says come out and play soon.

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