Wednesday, May 6, 2009

28 Weeks

Well it is another week. I have finally got over the nasty cold. But the swelling has begun. My feet look horrible at night and you are definitely starting to see it in my face. Lily Anne was very active I am assuming she will be chilled out today. Maybe I can get some work accomplished. I have started to plan ahead....I think I am in the VERY early stages od nesting. But I am trying to get meals made and frozen so we can have quick healthly and easy meals. I found this new is a little different.....

Since I do not have much to update with this week...I thought I would updates the survey I have posted through out several times.
How far along: 28 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain: Up 20 something lbs. manily showing in my arms, now the face and BOOBS!
How much does baby weigh: I guessing a 2 1/2lbs
Maternity clothes: I am having a horrible time with this bow...but it is okay they are comfortable somedays! Do they make maternity shoes???
Stretch marks: None so far. (at least from being pregnant)
Sleep: What is a full nights sleep? Will I ever see this again? I am up usually once or twice, then it is never back to sleep 100%.
Best moment this week: Getting over the rotten cold I had last week.
Movement: LOTS ... All times now! Her favorite times are usually at 11pm and 2-4am. I am not sure I like the night schedule. Her days are all over..never consistent.
Food cravings: Whatever the moment calls for but lately it has been ICE CREAM ...I hate Dairy Queen for opening a new location close to my house!!! But OJ has been since the beginning. I drink so much of it.

Belly button in or out
: still a innie! I do not think it will ever "pop"
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, adult drinks, and laying out...
What I'm looking forward to: Everything! Everyday is a new day lately.
Milestone: umm....well I have made it to the home stretch. I need to finish the nursery.

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