Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleep is wonderful

So all my complaining....We all slept last night!!!! Soon as we got both girls in bed, we went to bed too. 9:30pm....our house was dark and quiet!

Lily Anne is a great sleeper anyways! Olivia slept FINALLY! long bath with sister (lots of excitement from both), just a onesie, swaddleme, and one thin blanket. Brought out the sleep positoner with the incline...Olivia slept great! I think the small amount of reflux is waking her up and the breaking out the arms..which I fixed!

Magic called a full night sleep! I even feel better today then I have in the last two weeks.

I need to verbal blog! I can think of a million things to say in the shower...but when I sit to type I am drawing a blank... Does the mind just go to sleep, push pause, or stand still? I do not think so.

so I will share some funny stories on potty training...or at least to me.

1. Potty training...parent torture!!! Being stuck in the house for weekends trying to get to a toddler to understand body functions. Farting...the eyes of did that just occurr. Followed by her turning in circles to look at what come out. (Much like a dog chasing its tail.)

2. The words "I go potty"...can mean so many things!!!
alternate meanings.....I already went and you need to clean me or the floor.
I have to go now RUN!
I really just want to see your response....JUST KIDDING
I really have to go and I want the surprise first.

3. I now understand why I have always told her to sit and put her legs down in front of her. Lily Anne sat there and put her feet up on the seat .... only to then pee. ummm.. I saw a fountain start...que the quiet laughter from me and at the sametime Lily Anne feet down!!!! Lord have mercy!

4. Why liltte girl and boys should not share bathrooms... Lily Anne treid to pee in the toilet standing up last night!!!! Funny, but I had to really not laugh and tell her to sit down. Girls sit to pee!

5. Lily Anne gave me hig fives for peeing in the potty. Even told me I need to wipe with TP! thanks dear, mommy did not need that lesson. happens.

but the best of stories. A little embrassing but it is life... Lily Anne and a bandaid.
Mommy is having a moment on the potty and trying hard to hide the panty liner in her panties. One curious child told me. Mommy diaper! I said yup. She immediately pulled her big girl panties down to look. Her panties were empty...she was shocked. Her solution...take her bandaid off her knee and try to place in her panites.

Seriously!!!!! I died right there.....what do you do or say to that. Oh my days are numbered!!!!

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