Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Days = Bad Nights

I am going to need tooth picks for my eyes by 3pm!

Lily Anne did not really have a good day yesterday or night!Yesterday, I took her to daycare and told her teacher that her lovey was in the bag washed and the clothes that she wore home on friday. She said okay.

***Lily Anne is very attached to her lovey...she needs it to sleep and feel secure.***

Anyway, Mich went to pick her up yesterday and Lily Anne was screaming! Mich tried to figure out what happened...she was biten by a kid...her nose has a boo boo on it... and she is crying. So her afternoon teacher said she did not do very well today with no lovey. Mich's eyes about popped.... He told them I brought it and told the morning teacher. Well short story they found it.

***Mich explained to her Am teacher again this morning about the lovey!***

Mich called me on my way home to let me I was prepared for a extra whinning little girl. So my cranky baby was happy to see us last night and was quite a blabbling toddler...blabbling sounds after sounds....Then it came time for bed and the meltdown from the horrible day occurs.

Well, off to sleep .... 3:45am...Lily Anne decides it is a great time to wake up. I gave her 15 minutes...before I even moved. Normally if I hear something out of her it is her dreaming....or she wakes up screaming. I are just whimpering...then it turns into screams. So up I go. I sit int he rocking chair with...only to listen to her talk to me. Seriously Lily Anne mommy really wants to sleep right now...and we can talk in the AM. She finally settles down and falls back to sleep around 5am....I am wide awake and so is Olivia in my belly! this is just lovely and unfair!!!

5;30 I think I managed to close my eyes...unitl I hear "babe, you okay"....Mich was coming to check on us and see if we could swap. But I opted to snuggle my sleeping child for the moment. But at 6:30am I needed to start getting ready for the day of work. YUCK... and I am tired already!

I managed to sneak out of the recliner and leave Lily Anne sleeping in it. Should have taken a photo...but no way in heck was I going to wake her with the flash.

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