Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 weeks and a sick munchkin!

We had a fun weekend with my sister and her twins (Sam and Haley) visiting us! Even with 7 years difference they played as if they were all the same age. Sam is so sweet to Lily Anne and protects her like no tomorrow. Haley is just now getting into Lily Anne especially since they can play dolls together. Thanks to Haley for sharing her American Girl Dolls. Liy Anne was in love with them....but this mommy is NO WHERE NEAR READY TO SHELL $100+ for a American Girl Doll.

Despite the rain and yucky weather....We brought the outside to the inside.

Upon request from Nana and Grandpa....a new updated photo of the 3 grandchildren.... shocking it will soon be 4 grandbabies. My mom (nana) is so excited about it.

Lily Anne is growing up so fast on me...and her hair is really starting to come in. Even growing in the length. Hopefully one day she will have enough for a pontail or enough to hold a bow.

Well.... After a wonderful weekend....but not so great in the sleeping area. I was very glad to have my sister come rescue my sanity this weekend. Lily Anne decided sleep was completely over rated and/or not needed. By Sunday evening she was completely ill! I was so hopeful that sunday night she would sleep good.... NOT!!! she whinning pretty much all night. Mich and I would go check on her and she would be a sleep but whinning.... I was clueless.

Monday she woke up extra early 5:30am! Seemed okay just moody. Off to daycare she went and off to a dr appt for me. Monday night....all heck broke lose. She was completely off....moody, crying, extra needy...and completely refused to eat. So, off we went to the after hours.

First they thought Strep throat....but after me telling them about the rash that appeared out of nowhere Saturday night, and that the woke up completely soaked with sweat. Lovely....Lily Anne has Hand Foot Mouth disease.... GREAT! it is completely no meds...just waiting game.

I hate waiting games. So I got to stay at home with her on Tuesday and Wednesday....I think she decided that it would be a great time to catch up on all the sleep she missed....with 2 really good naps with me on the recliner.

I sure did love the extra snuggles and love... and especially her letting me sit in the recliner with her when I was completely exhausted myself.


Sorry no belly picture this week....

We had a dr appt on Monday. Olivia seesm to be measuring right on track with a heart rate of 147. She has been so active lately....although, I do love feeling her. Her favorite place to hang out lately is on my right side in the ribe cage.

My poor body is definitely beginning to feel the effects of being pregnant. I am so tired at night and chasing Lily Anne and getting up and down off the floor is getting harder and harder.

Nursery progress....somebody needs to slap me....because we are not accomplishing anything lately. My mom says she is coming next week to paint...but that is still not 100% for sure. I have bought the paint. The furniture is at our house...just in boxes. I keep telling my self I have 10 weeks to go...plenty of time. But it just seems to be going so fast!

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