Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Where do we put all the thoughts that randomly run through your head?

I such a scatter brain lately... give me a topic or a thought and after about 5 minutes I will forget and have moved on. The perfect example on my daily drive to work...I swear my brain drives at 15o mph...but my true thought process... -145%. So that leaves me with about 5% of true brain function, right?

The nursery not started is starting to bug the heck out of me...even though my mom is suppose to come this weekend to help. I am stressed about it now. I need to get in gear, yet I have very little desire or time. Maybe a to do list will help me?

One more week of work ....then it is going to be 8 glorious days at the beach!!! I really can not wait! Even though I may end up looking like a beach whale. But seriously after this week...I will take it and zip my mouth.

Do you ever sit in traffic and look at other drivers? yesterday I watched a man pick his nose, a girl singing and dancing while at a light...thinking mercy me. I am sure I look wonderful at times too. Kinda like the walmart emails you get at random times.... yet we all laugh.

My mind is starting to roll with the thoughts.... Wow, we are fixing to be a family of 4 plus a dog. I have gone from Me, myself and I to Mich and I, then Mich, Lisa and Zoe (dog), then a blessing to a family of Mich, Lisa, Lily Anne and Zoe. Now I am sitting here about 8 weeks away from Mich, Lisa, Lily Anne, OLIVIA, and Zoe. Holy cow!! I do wonder about her arrival. I am such a planner....I had a planned induction with Lily Anne. I had a wonderful experience and would love a redo. However, I think I want to wait til my due date...I THINK.

Why do Girl Scout cookies have to be so good? I have to buy them every year. 2 boxes of Samoas, 2 boxes of Thin mints, and 2 boxes of Tagalongs. Usually, Mich and I share the thin mints, but the Samoas are mine and the Tagalongs are Mich's. Haha....Mich gave a Tagalong to Lily Anne...winner. Lily Anne finished that cookie in no time..."more" she says. Mich is going to have to share that next box. My guilty grin...I get all of my cookies!!

see...random thoughts and non correlate together to make acutal sense. Welcome to Lisa's Brain!

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