Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Daycare

Day #1:

Mich and I tackled this hurdle together. Lily Anne woke up bright eyed and happy... I thought Oh boy! But we got to the center and Lily Anne was really calm and smiling. Lily Anne waved to some teachers in the front area. Off we went to her new classroom....Lily Anne just looked around and was like seriously?!?! After going over the rules and was time to let go. It was hard becuase Lily Anne decided...okay now cry and bring out the big tears. We left the room quietly. My heart was a littl torn at the moment.

We had to sign some forms in the front office...but right before we left Mich walked down the hallway and sneaked a small peek at Lily Anne ...NOT crying anymore but staying close to a teacher.


So after a full day and lot of activity and a Valentine's day party.....Lily Anne was happy to see daddy at the door to pick her up. The teachers said she did really good and sat on the potty several times and no tears. Lily Anne did keep her lovey attached to her hand all day...but as she becomes more comfortable she will let her lovey go.


Day #2: Mich called and told me she did really well. She walked to her room and took off her jacket. Even put it in her cubby. She did cry when the teacher came to walk her to circle time. Hopefully this will continue to get better and better!

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  1. Speaking as a former preschool teacher, I think you are probably past the worst part. I would say the first 3 days were the hardest, but then it just becomes routine.

    And like many things in parenting, it's so much harder on you than it is on her! Take care!!


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