Wednesday, February 16, 2011

27 weeks and Day #3

How Far Along: 27 weeks and some days

Size of baby: I think I read ... she should be around 2lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: as of this morning....9lbs

Maternity Clothes: pants yes, top some here and there.

Gender: Girl - Olivia Claire

Movement: wow....she is more active than Lily Anne was. I feel her all the time. Although strange I am only feeling movement below my belly button....nothing up top. I am wondering if she is still transverse.

Sleep: benadryl has been my best friend lately...with my running nose and watering eyes...not to mention it puts me to sleep.

Symptoms: OMG the HEEARTBURN!! Seriously I am really struggling with it lately. Somedays are better than others. But when it hits, I need to run to the nearest fire hydrant...because this has got to be doing some damage.

What I Miss: being heartburn free. I have so much more respect for those who suffer on a daily basis!

Best Moment of the week: I guess making it to 3rd tri.

What I am looking forward to: the 4D ultra sound next Wednesday...I am really excited to see what she looks like. Lily Anne's was pretty much right on!


DAY #2 WRAP UP: I picked her up and she was a little more fussy than usual but she seemed to have a good day. She is definitely becoming aware of the potty thing. Because last night she had a uh-oh look and ran to the bathroom. It was a little late but it is progress on her learning the whole potty thing is about. I am proud!

Day #3: Mich says she walked to her classroom as she did yesterday. She cried just a little bit. Mich seemed to think she is getting better with it. I am going to give a good two weeks.

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