Thursday, February 10, 2011

26 weeks...Lily Anne dr appt

How Far Along: 26 weeks 5 days

Size of baby: ??? I need to look that up.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 8 lbs still

Maternity Clothes: pants yes, top some here and there.

Gender: Girl - Olivia Claire

Movement: All the time lately! I love feeling her move

Sleep: if I take a benadryl...I can sleep...but heartburn is kicking me in the butt!

Symptoms: DARN the HEARTBURN!! OMG, I thought it was bad with Lily Anne....this pregnancy I am dying 24 hours aday....that is with all the TUMs and Medication I can taek in a 24 hour period!

* I drank a huge glass of whole milk trying to make it go away last did long enough for me to get to sleep!

Cravings: nothing lately...I am actually becoming scared to eat because my heartburn is bad.

What I Miss: not really sure...

Best Moment this week: Lily Anne peed in the potty.. I think be mistake but I will take it. Oh wait this is suppose to be about nothing is coming to mind...

What I am looking forward to: the 4D ultra sound on Feb 23rd! I can not wait to see how much she has grown and what she looks like....or who for that matter.

Lily Anne Update!!!

It has been a stressful week with all the stuff going on... moving the house around to make room for the new nursery, dr appt's, and getting Lily Anne ready for a the big move in daycare.

So, lets see here...Lily Anne has been a super helper when it come moving furniture and stuff around the house to empty Olivia's future room. Now we just have to plan a day to paint it.

Lily Anne had her 18mo check up...she did awesome. She is 33.5in tall and weighs 23lbs! Tall and skinny. We talked about potty training and was told we could try it now or wait. We are deciding to go with the 'lets try"...Lily Anne is pullign her pants down and saying dirty to me all the time. So, i think she is getting ready. Pulling out the potty she got for Christmas.

Yeah, the daycare.....We are moving Lily Anne to a new location same Center...but different location. It has put me in a high anxiety related state....I am constantly questionly if it is right. I know in the long run it will be the best...but it first few days of screams that is going to have me saying why I am doing this again!?!?

I love her current center and know I will love her new one....but I am excited that her new classroom will help with the potty training...(at I am crossing my fingers). She moves to the toddler A! no baby classrooms any more.... Lily Anne will be doing and learning so many new things and hopefully her word out put will increase.

Alright til Monday...the big switch day!!


  1. I'll be thinking about you with Lily Anne's move. It is stressful, but much more so on you than it will be on her!

    And have you tried fat free milk for the heartburn? That's what I use and it really does help.

  2. amy: I normally drink skim milk...but it does not help. So, I drank the whole milk thinking thicker might coat better especially since I was not in the mood for eating dinner.


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