Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lily Anne...Ummm

Is either learned how to dance or she is going to be very active. This past weekend she was so active! Especially Friday night, she found my cervix and decided to kick the tar out of it. Which is not exactly cute! Hurts! She is definitely active in cycles. Although, today I think she is tired for all the movement.

Time seems to have slipped right past me. We are less than 100 days to go! I thought I would never get here when we first found out. My 1st trimester was so SLOW. My 2nd started out slow...but ended really fast. It seems like once we found out what we were having time has just flown! I guess it was all the build up to the big moment!

I start in my 3rd trimester next week...that is hard to believe. But I love being pregnant but I am so ready for my old clothes. I hate looking at them in the closet and knowing they are not even going to fit no matter how much I try to make them.

I need to get more summer maternity clothes. I really do not want to spend the money on them...but it looks like I am going to have too. With the Georgia hot weather right around the corner....and swimsuits. Oh Boy!!


  1. Oh wow, a little kicker in there, poor mommy.
    Glad to hear all is going well. Hard to believe you will be in the 3rd tri soon. Time goes by so fast!!

  2. i'm not looking forward to finding a swimsuit for this summer either!


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