Tuesday, June 2, 2009

32 weeks

<---so tired at 32 weeks! Found my first couple of stretch makes.

(I was doing so well....Then the things appeared out of no where!) WAIT!!! PLEASE!!!!

Although, 32 weeks is along way, I feel the next 6 to 8 are going to be even longer! Mich and I are both getting so excited about her coming soon.

But my big news of the week..... drum roll...
I can say to people when they ask when are you due... "next month" I am so proud of that! But it still turns my stomach everytime.

Lily Anne has definitely got the hiccups down pat. She has them regularly now. Somedays they are cute and make feel we are still in this. Others, I am like okay...this is episode # what? I have tried to figure out if it is something I am eating or drinking. (or even doing) But nothing is the same.

We have got all the clothes washed and put away and put all the items we got at the shower together. It is awesome!

Only need a few more things off the registry then we are pretty much set and ready to go.

The weather in Georgia has turned ugly! Total HEAT ...which makes it so much HOTTER to me than normal. Plus, I think my hips are catching up with all that is going on....they hurt so bad now.

So at 32 weeks...I totally feel pregnant! Few stretch marks, hot, hip hurt day and night. Oh boy! Can I please have a little cheese with my WHINING!

Something fun....yes this is on shirt (pregnancy) that I still can wear. Looking at my growth!

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  1. I love the progression pictures! Really shows how much Lily has grown. Aww :)Your so close!


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