Monday, April 19, 2010

Time? Who stole my clock

Seriously!!! Time is going so fast now. As, Lily Anne picks up the pace on growing and learning, I am wanting things to slow down a bit.

She has been doing so wonderful since the tubes. We go for run/walk in the evening and she laughs and loves it. The faster I go the more enjoys. The feeling of wind rushing around her.

We are enjoying our new found life...dinner withe friends, shopping and just being out and about. Although, she does have some seperation issues...she does well in the mornings, but the evenings are bad. She is all good as long as I am around...but I leave and she melts.

She is letting my friends and neighbors touch and play with her. (FINALLY) There for a while I thought lord have mercy on me. Someone other than me or Mich would look at her ... she would have a ALL OUT SCREAM FEST! Now she will smile at a waitress and people in the grocery store. Such a personality change.

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