Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorry gang…took a momentary break…

We got 12 days of NO medicine and/or ear infection baby, then we got to pay yet again another on Sunday.... Copay of $25 and another round of drugs for a double ear infection…which was a one-way ticket to the ENT. Poor Lily Anne, those ears are going to be the death of us.

On the other news front, things are going good with the home front. Lily Anne has really taken to the eating solids nows. She loves her new highchair! Since our original one has been recalled…it was free so I did not have a huge fit.

Even as much as to say…Hey Mom …FEED ME!!!

First day of Spring…bare knees. She was so cute and learned how to pull up on my leg..

We have finally put in her new big girl carseat...I think she liked it.

Daddy has taught her how to make a popping noise with your cheek..which I got some really good photos in the process. CHEESE?!?

So, along with all the first … why not add..pulling up in the crib. Oh Lily Anne, please put on the breaks.

And we turned 8 has gone so fast! Me and Mich are amazed each day we have with her and to be able to say she is all ours. She has grown so much...and the tings she has learned how to do, wow. Here are photos of her big day.

Zoe wanted to part take in the photos...and what Lily Anne was doing with the grass.

New jammies are always followed by a new do! She is finally getting some hair. Even enough for us to play with…do you like the spike look?

And one last for everyone…How old does she look?

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