Monday, April 12, 2010

All Done!!!

Friday morning around 7:45am Lily Anne went for surgery on her ears. THANK GOD!!!

Wednesday we got the all care from her pediatrician, went to pre-op and got our scheduled time of arrival. Then the notice of nothing after midnight, which is fine during the night but in the morning I was going to be dealing with a hungry baby.....or so I thought.

Nah, Lily Anne woke up around 7;15am...happy as ever. So off to car we go and to the ENT surgerical center. (which I rave around) get in and all ready to go. Lily Anne is laughing and giving everyone smiles. I think she knew we were bringing her relieve to her pain.

here is the photos pre-op

And exactly 24 minutes later she was back in my arms. She was a little fussy from being knocked out on drugs...but she was not HORRIBLE but what I had been told was going to happen. Then we were release to go home....

BTW: Wednesday night was the last of the meds from the ear infection last week...Thursday no meds, Friday surgery.... Dr. Holms was not happy to tell us when he went in to do the surgery BOTH her ears were infected again. Thank you Thank you for doing the srugery adn may this bring relieve to our household.

Here is my new baby...Miss Happy. Crawling and getting into everything.

Even happy and well enough to play peek a boo with the camera and show her skills on walking with the walker.

So, this weekend was packed with as much as she could handle.
satuday morning nap...

Shopping with mom and dad...but had to stop and ride a toy...

tried to get some cute photos of her outside with the dog. Neither one wanted anything to do with photos...

I got some magnetic letters for Easter. She loves them...

Sunday ... Lindsay brought Tucker over to play and have dinner...Lily Anne is paci stealer!!!

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