Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is going on????

Lily Anne is rejecting her morning matter how or when (before or after solids)

I thought okay maybe she is weaning off the bottle. She loves the sippy cup of water or a hint of juice with water. So, I thought lets put formula in it for the morning...

okay so I tried the sippy cup thinking that would help. NEGATIVE!!!

She takes all the other bottles fine during the day and bedtime...

So, help me out...
**I have tried to give her bottle first thing then wait on breakfast solids .... still wants NO part of it.

Here is my schedule:
7:30 - Wake up - get dressed, brush teeth, go down stairs
7:45 - Breakfast - Fruit (with cereal) 4oz all together.Bottle (5oz) - REJECTING
8:30 - Out the door and off to daycare

**she is at daycare from 9am - 5pm M-F**
her general schedule at daycare:
9:00 - Plays and Learns
10:30 - 12 - Nap
12(there about) - Lunch - Veggie (3oz), Fruit (3oz), Bottle (6oz) - drinks all
12:30 - Plays and Learns (may go outside)
2/3 - 4 - NAP4(there about) - Bottle (6oz) - drinks all Few puffs(Gerber Graduates -sweet potato)
5:15 - I pick her up

6:30 - Dinner - Some type of Meal (4oz), Fruit (3-4oz). I give her a sippy cup of water or juice/water mix - 4oz.)
plays til bath time or lately we have been going on walks
7:45 - Bath
8:00 - Bottle (8ozs)
8:30 - Passed out in the crib for the night!

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  1. I don't have any suggestions for you because Gianna is doing the same thing! Except it's not only in the morning. She only drinks about 2oz in the morning (4 bottles total for the day)... then she takes MAYBE 4-5 oz for lunch. She drinks about 7-8oz for her last 2 bottles, but I cant figure out what to do about those first 2!!


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