Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boy or Girl Poll!

Hello Everyone:

Mich and I are counting down the days til our big ultra sound, March 4th. We have the possibility of finding out the infamous question…

”What are we going to have?”

We thought it would be cute to have poll to see what everyone thinks we are going to have or wants. So, everyone gets a vote (yes, even kids!...parents NO telling them what to vote!) Just email Lisa back with who and their vote. (ie. Mich votes BOY.)

We will tally the votes on Tuesday night and email out the results. And hopefully on Wednesday morning we will be able to share the real results.
(if the baby allows us to see).

Okay, to help decide on your vote, I included some information.
Here is most recent photo of me. (taken 2/25.. 18weeks)

I was one of the few lucky women who did not experience morning sickness (knocking on lots of wood). I LOVE for Orange Juice. Although, my cravings have not been horrible … but I love anything SWEET…meaning fruit, Jell-O, cookies, cake, donuts. These have been a constant craving since the Christmas. Things added lately are chocolate milk and apple juice. I do not have much a appetite for meats (I know…I did not have one before but it is more yucky now). So what will your vote be!?!

Girl Boy

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