Thursday, March 26, 2009

22 Weeks

WHOA----watch out. never again do I take photos right before stomach looks square...what is up with that.

This week has flown! We have been so busy with just life stuff. Went to the dr on Monday for my 22 week checkup...well everything was good. I have gained some weight this time. But her HR was 153! Measurements are looking good. I go for my glucose test on April 10th. I am not 100% excited about this visit. But it has to be done.

I almost forgot to take the weekely photo last here is me after cleaning the house and almost ready for bed. My belly is turning into a box for some reason! However, we did take some bare ones this time. It has been a lot of fun watching my belly grow and my belly button looking more and more stretched. Although, I do not this is go to a outie....but it is different!

Lily Anne has definitely been more active the past few days. She has been really kicking alot. Mich is getting more and more excited about being able to feel them. I am can see them if I really concentrate on looking. We are giving it a few more weeks.

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