Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall...what a wonderfuil time

It is finally November and Fall has set in. I can not believe the cooler weather. Next week we get to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. WooHoo! I can not belive we have made it two years! Seems just like yesterday. I love Mich more and more each day. He brings me so much hope, love and support.


Life is going very well. I feel as though I have a huge block lifted off my shoulder now. Mich and I are have not regretted giving up this month and we have not fought about it since. Although, we did decide to keep temping this month and to play it by ear next month. I have never been happier with my life, job and in general.

Thoughts on TTC. I am not thinking about my family history!
The first month a little nerve racking...especially...with all the crazy things your body does whehn you come off Birth Control.
Month 2 okay...hello horrible hormones... but now I am at peace and calm. Finding the balance my life is going to be my best bet in the process. And lots of walking.

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