Monday, November 17, 2008


WHAT A WEEKEND!!! We are so blessed and I am nervous!

Last cycle with all my stupid wackiness...I asked Mich to bring home a few $1 pregnancy test from the pharmacy. I know...$1...are they going to work... He was just as doubtful...he had Kelley his store manager take one...(she is 7 months pregnant).. it works.


Well my temps looked like they were going down then it took a turn up. Well Friday morning my temp went up again not down (like it was suppose too)!!! So Mich said lets just take a $1 just to see for fun. (yeah, that is not my idea of fun...dear) I told him there is no use...considering I spotted the other day. Okay... this is my awkward moment! Here Mich and I are trying to get ready for work on Friday morning...taking a pregnancy test.

So I took it and waited. After a few seconds of seeing the control line...and nothing else I thought whatever and tossed on the counter to throw away. "See... Hello you have to do the dirty deed a little closer or on ovulation to get pregnant." A little sad but not horrible. I hear Mich swearing he saw shadow. GEEZ...Mich if you let it sit there long enough I would think that would happen. So I told him fine lets take a "real" one .. the first reposnses that I bought earlier this month. (we were going to use these as a confirmed after the cheap things). Well again...Mich sticks it in the cup and waits. I see the stupid control and nothing else. So I hop in the shower. Yes in the back my mind I was a little sad (but after 2 negatives) but we decided not this month to try.
When I got out of the shower he went to throw it away and said "Lisa I think you need to relook at this!!!!" My stomach dropped!!!! and went white. OMG now what???

WoW!!! We are Pregnant!!!!!!! How the heck did that happen! We did not do anyting on or the day before!!!! HOW!!!!!! But I am so happy! Now off to get some blood work!

------edited...11/19/2008 with chart. Confirmed Blood Test! Beta 446!

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