Friday, February 12, 2010

A Evening with Lily Anne

So, my evenings are so busy with entertainment of a 6 1/2 month old. I can not believe how much she has changed our lives, as well as, how/what we do in the evenings.

After dropping her off at daycare around 8:45am...she plays non stop with all 9 of her other friends. She loves it in the new crawling classroom and all the new toys. I work all day and even enjoys the little break from her during the day. At 5, I am itching to get out of the office and pick her up. Listening to some jams on the radio on my short drive, then pull up under the cover and get my mind ready for non-stop mode until she goes to bed.

I enter the classroom, to which I am greeted incredible smile when she sees me walk in...followed now by her crawling to me. It is such a huge reward and makes it all worth while...even in the roughest moments.

Last night, I thought I would update my family and friends with a email of photos and videos that we took throughout the evening. begins our evening.

Upon my arrival, I am greeted at the door by Zoe, our lovely Westie, who has spent the day sleeping and needs to go outside. With my new found arm muscles, I carry Lily Anne, carrier, bags and all into the house, let little Zoe out. Lily Anne is chomping at her Giraff (known to her as Jeffery) her fav travel chew toy. Thanks to Aunt Maggie and Sam(cousin). Out of the carseat she comes and I put things put up (purse, and any bottles left from daycare). Me and Lily Anne plop down in the living room and play discover the puckets of toys. Lily Anne entertain for a moment...I try sneak to change my clothes, but Lily Anne ALWAYS notices everytime ... and proceeds to follow me around. After some fun following me around from bedroom to closet and back again, Lily Anne grows hungry for some yummy food. (some nights it is a nightmare others no problem)

Daddy generally is walking in the door when I begin is fixing dinner for us and Lily Anne. Lily Anne is totally in love with her dad. They have special kisses (that mommy can not get out of her) exchanged. Lily Anne eats and Mommy and Daddy quickly eat as well.

Then our fun time begins and so does the video and photos....

While trying to figure out the US/World news of the day, followed by the Macon new (SNOW TALK!!)...Lily Anne enjoys time in the exersaucer... Her new found way to play in it. JUMP like a mad woman. Attacks the monkeys and the bar, followed by taking apart the alligator.

Lily Anne Exersaucer Video
Click it is a cute video (I figure out how to did it directly later...)

Lily Anne determined: Pull Alligator Apart...Mommy puts it together...she takes apart.
Over and Over

After, the exersaucer...Lily Anne plays with all the other fun toys and gets them all over the living room floor...her she is looking back ..." need to clean that mess up!!"

But not put my keys up PLEASE!

Umm..." I am watching you put everything up and I am on to you, mommy." The looks I catch on camera .. while trying to put up toys to get ready for bath time.

MOM....You put them up....Let me dumped the rings back out for you...

After wresling to pick up toys and get her ready to go upstairs for bath time...I found she is ticklish on her feet... OH MY... Grab the video camera....RECORD!!!!

Lily Anne Tickle Me Video
Click it is a cute video
I figure out how to did it directly later too! ... says bath time....OH BOY NAKED TIME BEGINS!!!

Trying to get her to smile with the word CHEESE... it is a work in progress...
But in my sharing mode...

After a lovely J&J lavender bath and a full lotion massage...concluded by a 8oz bottle and rocking and snuggling one last time for the day with mom (at least tonight...Dad and Mom alternate night on Lily Anne)...

My peaceful sleeping baby..... Good night!

Now, Mich and I start grown up stuff ... Laundry, Dishes, whatever needs to be done. All followed by playing Wii Active or Wii Resort. Got to get some exercise in for the day...and fun..

Note: Yes, Lily Anne sleeps in her crib all night, on her belly, snuggled with her lovey (we have 5, it must go EVERYWHERE), and then covered by her favorite blanket (yes it has silk side) She LOVES silk.

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  1. I just found your blog, and it's too cute! I was just curious...what time do you put her down for the night? I'm trying to see others schedules, so we can figure our routine out, especially for when I go back to work.


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