Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday - brings the weekend right?

Friday... it is the start of the weekend right?

This week has been so long. Work has been super busy...the phone never stops. To which I would rather have busy day than a slow day. A huge glass of wine is in order tonight.

We are suppose to have a wonderful weekend of dry weather. Thank goodness, my poor child can not handle anymore huge temperature drops. Last weekend we were covered in SNOW. Lily Anne got to see and feel it for the 1st time. Although, she went to sleep for a nap with light rain...but woke up to the blizzard.
It was truly beautiful to see everything turn white. Lily Anne quite did not know what to think after we got her bundled up. Now, that was a story...For those southerns out there, snow is not normal. Knowing I wanted photos...but really not equiped with clothing/snow suits for Lily Anne. So with the only two jackets she owns and hat and mittens we brave the snow. These are photos from the backyard with mommy and daddy.
From my front yard of the street view
And one fun one... Can you spot my dog Zoe?
So, Lily Anne is cutting her top TWO teeth, but doing it like a champ. Although, we are on our 3rd ear infection. *yes, 3rd..we did not even make it off the medicine from #2 before we got #3. So, how is that possible? Well, as Mich says, the amoxicillin is a very common drug and most infections get immune to it fast.
Lily Anne is working on crawling more everyday. She has the army crawl down and gets all over the house. If I put my hand under her belly she will actually crawl. Super cute.
But I caught her learning to pull up on things while starting her bath one night. WOW!!
Now, look we have removed the bouncy and packed it away. So sad!
So, our weekend plans are figure out how to lower her mattress. This is going to be fun. We thought we were smart when we ordered the furniture and have baby store delivered and setup the furniture for us. Um...wonderful...except neither one of watched them put the crib together. We looked at the instructions and of it does not tell you anything but a drawing.
Oh..please excuse the mess ....but I am trying to make it look better. It is a work in progress...

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