Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have a tripod sitting baby!!   Olivia is just is it possible she is doing this....
She is growing by leaps and bounds these past few days.    Olivia had her 4mo appt this past Monday...she weighs..14lbs even and was 24.25in long.   Both are about in the 50%.    So overall she is doing good.    We have put her on medicine for her reflux...we tried without...but she is arching her back screaming and refusing bottles more and it was time to add soem drugs to help.

Lily Anne aka Miss Hollywood or Drama Queen also had her 2 year appt on Monday.   (yes, we were brave and took them both at once....worked out really really well).    She doing so well!    She weighs 26lbs and is 36in tall.   Learning new things everyday now.   Tells me new words (several) and sings to me (which I am in love with!)

So the potty training...or should I say Diaperless!!!!   We have been in panties 99% with very very little accidents.   She did great over the weekend...even traveling.    She wore 100% panties all day.    My mom was impressed.    She is even doing great at daycare....staying dry all day!
Since Saturday she has been waking up dry!!!   I put a pull up on her..but we say lets put your panties on..."she repeats no pee pee or poo poo in panties mama!"   yup that is right.    I am so proud!!

One down and One to go...

so, once again.... if you are willing to help me!!!!

Okay ladies: I am currently tied ....

Can you all please help me by voting for me (directions below) and if possible can you post on your wall to help me?

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1. Visit: Rattles and Ryhmes on Facebook
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I can not thank you enough!!!!

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