Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camera Dump

With me not blogging this summer has me a little behind on sharing lets play a little cathcup...

4th of July!!! We had a blast at the pool and fun with friends!
Lily Anne is learning how to be a great big sister!Olivia is growing leaps and bounds
Lily Anne and the swing set! It was her early birthday present. She has spent hours out there. This summer has been very challenging with outside play because of the heat and the heat index well over in the 100's!I could not ask for better friends!! Katie (from TX), Jenn (from SC), and Lindsay (my weekend bud) These ladies have been wonderful friends and great mamas!!! We got together over the summer and had a blast and so did our kids!
Kisses with Daddy. Lily Anne and her daddy or is it Daddy and his Lily Anne. I am not sure...becasue they are one in the same. The sun does not set without each other. They have a bond that I can not touch! She absolutely loves him. Her eyes follows him in any room and not matter what is going on she finds daddy.
Olivia is a mama's gal. Which melts my heart. She is such a snuggler and talker! Smiles at me for days. I could just squeeze her to death.Lily Anne turned 2.... Where did TWO YEARS go? I have no clue. But the past two years I would not give back or ask to be different. She has change me and Mich forever. The love, bond, memories, and all that the future holds....I can not imagine. To be parents is the best gift god has ever given us. We are so blessed!Sleeping so peacefully! Wonder what she dreams of? What does she see? Yup I was the mom that dress my girls alike! They honestly could have cared less but I was in love. Although, neither were up for photos!What do these eyes see? I really wonder because I could stare into them for hours!Some of Olivia's best naps are outside with daddy. LilyAnne in the pool, mommy with the camera...these are the days. Alrighty folks now that I have blinded you with all the camera dumping!

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