Monday, December 6, 2010

17 weeks and Lily Anne

How far along: 17 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: 2lbs.... trying to keep this under control for Baby #2

How much does baby weigh: not sure....but what to expect says:
" About five inches long and more than three and a half ounces — the size of your open hand."

Maternity clothes: Yes for pants. But my tops are my regular ones.

Symptoms: I am still having a few bouts of m/s. Which is driving me crazy!

Cravings: OJ, Fruit and anything sweet. The sweet is non-stop...although I am doing good 90% of the time to say NO! ( no change!)

Sleep: Sleep is going really good in our house.

Movement: I ahve few movements here and there.... super exciting. This is my favorite part of being pregnant.

Belly button in or out: Innie.

What I miss: Happy hour....a glass of wine with dinner....

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sex! I am so ready to know......NEXT WEEK!!!

Milestone: Next week, and getting through this Christmas.

Had a OB appt today. Everything is measuring on track! HB 156

Lily Anne: 16 and 1/2 months!

MERCY ME! I can not believe we are knocking on 1 1/2's door. It feels like yesterday that she was born... She has been showing lots of new talents. She loves to clean the house with me. (Lets hope that habit stays around) Everything is so much fun for her...she loves outside more than ever. Although, with the weather we have had to bring the outside to the inside.

She has finally learned how to get herself on the couch to sit all by herself.... Loves Curius is the only TV show that she has taken any kind of liking too. Which is kinda nice. Dolls seem to have made its way into playing line now. I am trying to play baby with her and get her kinda ready for spring. Although I am not sure how to officially do this.

Sunday we had a friend come over take our photo for the Christmas card. Lily Anne was so cute in her Tutu! She can even twirl around in it!

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  1. I had an OB appt today and the heartrate was 160. We find out on January 3rd what we are having, and I can't wait!!

    Do you think you are having a girl or a boy?

    P.S. You look great!


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