Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am so Impatient!

I have known this since I was little. But I am trying to deal with it all. I hate waiting for anything!

Me and my husband have been on diet 101 to get healthy. We thought we can not bring some one we love into this world and expect great things if we are not great. So the question is on everyone's much wieght did we each lose? Was it worth it? Why lose just to gain it back when pregnant?

Q1: We lost a total..72lbs. I lost 42lbs and He lost 31lbs. We have been on a healthy diet since the end of January 08. So ...10 months later you have got to see some results....YES!!!! So stick with your own diets!

Q2: Yes it was worth giving up doughnuts, fried chicken, shrimp. and BUTTER! We still eat out and enjoy big meals with friends...(just half portions) WE both have become so much healthier mentally, internally and externally. It was not easy everday...but we each are each other motivators. There were days when I could not have worked out...but we got each other support.

Q3. Losing just to gain it back....well that is a huge thing with me now. My first thought was I want this weight off before we try. look good with all the BD we are going to have to do. Two...double the weight is harder to lose. Three...if I can do it once I can do it again! BUT>>>>now, I look at my new clothes and think ....I really do like them and want to get to wear them a lot. But if we get pregnant....then I have to give them up. I saved all my older clothes to grow BACk into....before buying an maternity clothes.

So go power yourself to lose the weight. I am sure like myself and my husband we could all use a little more exercise or just fresh air.

any one use the nike ipod? I love mine.

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