Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying to get life to normal....

The joys of having Two under Two.... life has been so interesting. Actually the house got turned upside down and we are now finding our way to our "new" comfortable life. Some things are easier the second time around and then there are things that are harder than ever.

Lily Anne is adjusting very well to being a big sister. Although we have more meltdowns because she has to share the spot light with everyone (including Mom and Dad). This alone is her biggest adjustment. She loves her sister and kisses her all the time. Lily Anne has really taken to her baby dolls and whatever I do with Olivia she does to her baby dolls. I love watching her play mommy.

Lily Anne talks so much now and repeats almost everything. I am working so hard on her saying "olivia"...she just looks at me funny. So she calls her "O" or Baby.

Olivia is a growing weed. Each day brings a new joy and smile to our faces. She is still fitting into her new born clothes. She is a peanut! She is so different from her sister. She is very calm and chill. (except when hungry, wet, tired or gassy) We have had a time trying to find the right bottle and formula. After a few tries we are on a good road.

Mom and Dad....we are making it and taking each day as it comes. No two days are the same. I am enjoying my maternity leave and taking it easy while I can. Somedays are extremely boring others I barely have time to shower.

I have stopped breastfeeding. Olivia was so much better than Lily Anne ever was at it. But it is just not for me. First, I hate the emotional roller coaster it puts me on. (the constant worry) Second, I hate not being able to go to far or a long time because of the feeding schedule. Third, I love spending time with Lily Anne and I felt like I was always feeding. I tried to pump to see if that would we started to wean. Forth, my boobs are just not the best milks makers...enough said!
**Now with that said...I did love the feeling of being so close to Olivia and the bond.

so for now...Olivia's newborns.


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