Thursday, April 21, 2011

36 weeks and updates

So we had our 36 week appt yesterday. We had another growth u/s to check everything because I am measuring small. (although I feel freaking huge)

So... Olivia is measuring 5lb 15oz. My fluid level is low (borderline at 6.5cm)...anything below 5cm in LOW.

**so we have another u/s schedule for May 4th at 38 weeks.**

Me... BP was back to normal, no protein this time (thank goodness for both!) gained 2lbs. Not bad! 1st Internal (yucky): Olivia is really low! and I am 1 cm. Both mean nothing to me!


Lily Anne....where does one start with her? She has become my chatter box! I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR HER TALKING!!!! I do have to really listen to figure some of it out...but some words are so clear. She also has started to play mommy and me. Loves her baby dolls and is so sweet to them. Fun to watch her play and not notice that I am watching.

Now, the ugly....She is becoming INDEPENDENT!!! Wants to do everything herself. Gets really mad when she can not. I offer to help and seems to make matters worse. Usually ends up with both of us mad. She also had her first session in TIME OUT on Sunday afternoon. Nothing was making her listen and all she wanted to do was throw stuff and scream. This behavior does not work in our household. So I resorted to time out and it worked. I chillled out for a minute, she screamed...but stayed there. When her minute was up we talked and gave hugs and kisses. Lily Anne was great for the rest of the evening! SHOCKED!!!

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  1. I was 1 cm for a month when I was pregnant with Jackson. I'm glad you are doing good with your BP, and as usual, you are looking great pregnant!!


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