Friday, November 19, 2010

15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks today....

Total weight gain: none .... I am still holding (crossing my fingers this last just a little longer)

How much does baby weigh: not sure....but what to expect says:
"Your baby is as long as four and a half inches right now, and weighs a bit over two ounces. Hold a large navel orange in your hand — that's how big your little darlin' is."

Maternity clothes: not 100% needed but for comfort reasons YES!....I am sporting some pants!

Symptoms: none lately, thank you m/s for leaving my body.

Cravings: OJ, Fruit and anything sweet. The sweet is non-stop...although I am doing good 90% of the time to say NO!

Sleep: I sleep great at night...but I wake up as if I never went to sleep! I am still struggling with a runny nose (this is 4.5 weeks now)

Movement: none....hopefully soon though!

Belly button in or out: Innie.

What I miss: Happy hour....a glass of wine with dinner....

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sex! I am so ready to know......

Milestone: getting throught the next 2 weeks (traveling, traveling and more traveling!

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