Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 months!

She weighed in at 10lbs 8ozs. Measured 24in long.

She is growing up so fast. Those who like the growth %'s, Lily Anne's is in the top 95% in length, in the higher 25-50% in weight, head in the middle of 25-50%. I did not care much the %'s, but she has grown since her last app at 2wks. (6lb 7ozs, 21 inches)

They took care of her belly button...which she was semi okay with. Then the shots came....and OMG she screamed blood murder. Poor DH had to hold her hand then tried to sooth her when she was done. Since she would not stop screaming he handed her to me....She had the biggest tears in her eyes. I felt horrible. I had to hold back my own tears.

Came home and called work told them I would be in much later or maybe tomorrow. No way am I leaving my baby! (even if it is with DH at home) I could not sit at my desk knowing she was not 100%. Plus she still was crying when we got home. Work was very understanding.

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