Friday, September 17, 2010

To Worry or Not to Worry

Lily Anne had her 4 month check up with the ENT today. She failed her pressure test! Which means one or two things....the tubes are blocked or they have fallen out. After talking with the DR...they were clogged. So as painful as it was....Mich sat there with Lily Anne screaming while they unclogged the tubes. The nurse asked several questions and to see what are concerns we have. Mich and I both are a little concerned with her in the speech development area. While she can say dada (all the time) and mama (sometimes) concerns me that she has not learned more. We say words and sounds to her all the time and try to get her to repeat.

Her daycare teachers told me they work with the basics in her classroom of ABC, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, and 123. Through play, environment, and music and dance.

The nurse and DR told us not to panic that we will see some delay in speech because of all the infections.... But this mom can not wonder should I be worried! I know she can hear us! Just need more working time with her.

1 comment:

  1. Jackson quit babbling before we got his tubes put in, and once they were in he wouldn't be quiet!

    Maybe now that her tubes are cleaned out she will start talking more. I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all!


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